Worship Matters – 1.21.09

So here I sit, in my office, almost 2 weeks into my new job at MPCC and I am probably looking to the future with an anticipation and optimism that I have not felt for many years. I feel a great deal of excitement about the future and really believe that God is preparing us for a tremendous season of ministry. 

This past weekend was my first experience to lead this church in worship. In one of the services I began by asking the congregation, “Are you ready to worship?” I was shocked as I heard people shouting all over the worship center. It was awesome. 

Chris will finish a 3-week series on The Heart Of Mt. Pleasant this week by talking about PURPOSE…our purpose as a church in serving Christ by serving others. It has been an awesome series.

Last week, we introduced the worship song “What Can I Do” by Paul Baloche. My heart has been captured by these lyrics recently from the chorus:

What can I do but thank You; what can I do but give my life to You; Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
What can I do but praise You, everyday make everything I do a Hallelujah, a Hallelujah,

What an amazing thought….what can I do but make everyday of my life a Hallelujah unto the Lord. That is something that can permeate all that we are as we go about our day. What a prayer.

Enjoy this video of Paul Baloche leading, “What Can I Do.”


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