Israel 2019 :: An Incredible Experience

Let’s connect on Instagram and Facebook. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kim and I got to experience a bucket list trip. We went to Israel. We were honored to lead worship for Steve Arterburn and New Life, a powerful ministry that he founded 30 years ago. I would highly encourage you to check them … Continue reading

An Update From Poland

I honestly don’t have the words to describe my experience in Poland so far. Incredible is about the best I can do. God has shown up in amazing ways! Also, Poland is such a beautiful country! Wow…. The PROeM Staff and Tomy Church people have been amazing. They received us with open arms and have … Continue reading

MPCC Worship :: Mission To Poland :: Here We Go! :: Travel Plan

The time has arrived! Tomorrow morning, 30 travelers from the MPCC Worship & Arts and Worship Programming Ministry will begin a 7-day adventure in Poland. We are grateful for your prayers. It is going to be a very full experience and we are asking God to prepare us for exactly what HE wants to accomplish … Continue reading

Mission To Poland :: 5 Days….

It is so hard to believe that in just 5 days we are off to Poland. My emotions range from total excitement and anticipation to a little fear and anxiety. This will be my first overseas trip of any kind. I am so proud of how our team has pulled together spiritually, musically and in … Continue reading

MPCC Worship :: Mission To Poland :: Our Trip

The days are clicking by…..In just 17 days, 30 people from the Worship Ministry of MPCC will board a flight and travel to Poland. For months we have been praying, working, fundraising, planning and praying some more. We are trusting that God is preparing the hearts of the people and our hearts as well. No … Continue reading

Vacation Meals – The Bubble Room

Kim and I are enjoying some days of vacation before I start at Mt. Pleasant this coming Saturday. We are in Florida staying on Fort Myers Beach. It has become one of our favorite places to go where we can simply fall apart. It has been tremendous so far. The weather has been perfect – … Continue reading

Favorite Vacation Poll Results

On Wednesday, I wrote a blog about my favorite type of vacation. I am a beach/ocean guy all the way. Typically, every January, Kim and I head to Fort Myers Beach, FL for at least a week….longer if we can make it happen. It’s an awesome time to go because it isn’t very crowded, the … Continue reading

My Favorite Vacation

About this time every year I start to think about vacation. I’m a person who needs regular down time to get refreshed and it always seems that just before Thanksgiving, I tend to hit the wall. I am there right now and thinking about my next vacation. When is my next vacation? Thanks for asking. … Continue reading

TM Concerts – 8.24.08

Hey Friends – we are down in area of my “genesis” (as Troy likes to put it) for 2 concerts (Tabor Ministries) tomorrow morning. There is just something special about coming home. My Mom & Dad are here and it just feels good to occasionally be under a roof where someone else is responsible, you … Continue reading

New York Recap

We are home from New York! It was an awesome weekend that allowed us to experience a renewed sense of God’s power and majesty. We had a wonderful time of ministry at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday night. Thank you so much for your prayers! We had such a variety of people at this concert: … Continue reading