Favorite Vacation Poll Results

On Wednesday, I wrote a blog about my favorite type of vacation. I am a beach/ocean guy all the way. Typically, every January, Kim and I head to Fort Myers Beach, FL for at least a week….longer if we can make it happen. It’s an awesome time to go because it isn’t very crowded, the rates are pretty good and the weather is upper 70’s and sunny. We love it. We like to stay at a place called Pointe Estero, a high-rise condo resort. It isn’t an extravagant place but it’s nice, clean and comfortable. Think about Tommy Bahama building a hotel and the result would be this place.

Just for fun, I emailed some friends on Wednesday and asked them to help me out with a quick poll of their favorite type of vacation. I emailed 30 people. 28 of them responded and answered the poll question, “What Is Your Favorite Vacation.” Here are the findings.

Out of 28 responses, 19 people indicated that their favorite type of vacation was to a beach or ocean location. I even got a couple of emails with specific places that some of my friends like to go. Thanks for the input. Those just got added to my list of places to visit.

3 people indicated that Disney was their ideal vacation destination. Kim and I also love Disney. I wouldn’t say that it is a restful place to go, but you can certainly have a great time there while dropping some serious coin. We love Disney.

In a 3-way tie with 2 replies each were: Cruise, Cottage/Lake House & Other. Kim and I have never done a cruise together, though I hear that they are fabulous. We also haven’t had the chance to do a lake house vacation. I can imagine that this would be pretty awesome, especially with access to a boat. The thought of teaching Kim to water ski makes me roar with laughter. That would be absolutely epic.

Zero people indicated that a Snowy/Cold vacation would be ideal for them. I must admit that I don’t really get the whole cold vacation thing, probably because I’m not a snow skier. I also haven’t had the chance to do much traveling in colder climates. I guess if I was loaded and had the chance to do multiple vacations per year I would be up for giving this a shot.

I got a comment from Aaron who made a great case for taking a cruise. I definitely plan to do that sometime. 

I also got a comment, from Troy, saying that I like to, “…Vacation like a girl.” Here is a picture of Troy.  In a green women’s bonnet. Dude, I don’t know how to say this exactly, but, I’m pretty sure I am not the one with lady issues. Nice bow.

There you have it. It is admittedly not scientific, but according to 28 of my friends, these are good vacation options. At the very least this gave me some time to think and dream about the next trip we will be able to take. God willing, it will be to some place warm. Oh yeah, and I pray that it is soon…..very soon!

Happy Travels –

5 Responses to “Favorite Vacation Poll Results”
  1. Linda says:

    Hi! I’m one of the two who didn’t respond to the poll. Sorry Brian! I rarely see my personal computer these days, and as far as vacationing goes … well, I’m trying to remember what one of those is actually like … a real vacation that is anyway. This last summer all we could manage was a two-day trip to Holiday World. Great family fun and the children LOVE it! But I could have used something longer and a little more relaxing. The summer before that it was another two-day trip to HW along with visits to two different friends/family’s homes. It’s all we could afford, but we had a really nice time. Our last “real” vacation was Virginia Beach in ’04 where we rented a beach house for a week along with another family. I love the beach, but because my family rarely traveled much when I was a child, I long to see everything I can. Brian always wants to just relax and read a book. I get bored and antsy, wanting to see all the stuff I’ve never gotten to see before. Sorry, vacationing is not a great topic for me, mainly because I figure I’ll probably never get to see or do a lot of the things I’d really like to. Be very grateful for the opportunities you get to actually vacation. I do my best to ignore what others are getting to do.

  2. Troy Hochstetler says:

    I wear that hat when I’m laying on the beach trying to get a tan. It keeps the sun out of my face.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I did reply to your survey. After reading Linda’s post, I would have to second the “be very grateful for the opportunities you get to actually vacation”. My last vacation was in 2001. Rachel and I went to Mississippi with my parents. We attended my dad’s army unit reunion. It was such an incredible and moving experience! That was the last reunion that was held for his unit, as most of the men he served with in WWII are now deceased.

    In my dreams, I sometimes walk the magical streets of Disney World.



  4. Terry Hayes says:

    I’m not so sure about that hat in which Troy is pictured. It reminds me of what some member of a British military band might have worn back when India was still a colony. Or, maybe of the samurai helmet pictured here –


    That could be a priceless historic artifact – I would check and see when Antiques Roadshow is coming to town.


  5. Rich DeLong says:

    What’s better than spending a week at the beach in Ft Myers? Spending the winter in St Pete and being able to go to the beach any time you want to for 6 months.

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