My Favorite Vacation

About this time every year I start to think about vacation. I’m a person who needs regular down time to get refreshed and it always seems that just before Thanksgiving, I tend to hit the wall. I am there right now and thinking about my next vacation.

When is my next vacation? Thanks for asking. I have no idea. But, I can tell you what my dreams would be for that vacation: Beach, Sunshine, Good Food, Golf and Kim….not in that order of course!

When I think of vacations I think of warmth and lying on a beach. That really does it for me. Some people ski. Some people cruise. Some people climb mountains. I lay on the beach while Kim walks on the beach. I don’t read, listen to music or throw a frisbee. I sit in the sun, sleep and hopefully get tan.

I would love to hear about your vacation ideas. Take a quick minute to fill out the following poll.

2 Responses to “My Favorite Vacation”
  1. Aaron Baker says:

    I have to say a cruise is my thing. I like to be served and I like food–these things are both in abundance on a cruise. Plus, you can beach, sleep, and many other things. Hey, I’m ready to go again!!!

  2. Troy Hochstetler says:

    BT – You vacation like a girl

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