No Regrets – Fast Facts

I have been thinking today….writing a blog takes time and effort. There are some technical things you have to work at to write a blog; but, most importantly, you have to sit down and make it happen in terms of the writing. As I was thinking about this, it occurred to me….is it worth it? Is it worth the time? The spell checking? The organization?

Those questions led me to do some research. Here are my findings. Some of these stats overlap a bit so the numbers won’t wrap in a nice little bow, but these stats told me what I needed to know.

Blog Launch: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogs Written: 47

Average Daily Readers: 56

Highest Day of Readers: 184

Lowest Day of Readers: 0

Comments Posted By Readers: 105

Clean Comments Posted: 101

Offensive Comments from Strangers Who Have Been Banned: 4

Blogs Written Dealing With Music & Worship: 20

Blogs Written Dealing With Food: 11

Blogs Written Dealing With General or Fun Stuff: 16

Blogs Written Dealing With Serious or Spiritual Matters: 19

Blogs Written Dealing With Sports or Pop Culture: 3












Those are the stats for the first 4 months of “No Regrets.” I will keep writing.

One Response to “No Regrets – Fast Facts”
  1. Steve says:

    Only 4 offensive comments??? That is surprisingly low. 😉

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