My Random Thoughts 10.26.11

Fall is in the air. This is such a beautiful time of year in Indiana. Here are some random things I have been thinking about. Read on, if you like. The St. Louis Cardinals are my team. It’s been that way my entire life. They are in the World Series, which is incredible; but, they … Continue reading

Engage Conference :: Looking Back…..And Moving Forward

We are almost 2 weeks removed from ENGAGE. What a tremendous experience! Wow. So grateful for our team….so many of them spent countless hours volunteering to make sure things ran smoothly. We are also extremely grateful for all the people who came and brought their teams with them. Thank you for making the investment of … Continue reading

A Staycationer’s Birthday Wish List

As many of you know, I celebrated a milestone birthday this week. On July 6th, I officially changed decades. Oh yeah. I’ve gotten every joke in the book: AARP Cards, Cards about reading glasses, the need to limit my cheese intake and everything you can imagine. It’s been an absolute blast. I have laughed harder … Continue reading

My Thoughts: “Smell The Roses”

Most of us are probably familiar with the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses.” If your first reaction is anything like mine, you are probably thinking, “Yeah right. When do I have time to even notice flowers – or anything of beauty – my life is too busy and stressful!” Let me say that I … Continue reading

My Thoughts: Total Randomness

It’s a cold and snowy day in Indianapolis. Honestly, the weather is horrible. Here are some totally random things that I am thinking about today. Why did Hostess get rid of the aluminum foil packages for Ding Dongs? I just bought my very first scarf. It’s like joining an elite brotherhood. Sort of. I am … Continue reading

My Random Thoughts – 5.18.10

Here are some of my random thoughts on a rainy day in Indianapolis. I think a lot about people who don’t confess faith in Jesus. Where do they go for hope? And, whatever they find – is it really fulfilling? Disney is so awesome. We love it. If I could arrange to spend more time … Continue reading

My Random Thoughts – 4.15.10

Here are some random thoughts on tax day 2010. Meatloaf is one of my love languages. Kim made it earlier this week and I requested it again tonight. I love that she loves me like that. The Cardinals are off to a nice start this year, as is the main man, Albert. I hope the … Continue reading

My Thoughts: SPRING and a DO-OVER – 3.25.10

Here I am, sitting in my office with this great sense of anticipation. It feels a bit strange since it’s a cool, rainy Indiana day. I keep asking myself, “What are you so excited about?” I really enjoy spring. I love seeing the sun again after a long winter of gray skies. I love seeing … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 10.29.09

Some random thoughts on a fall day in Indiana. I think that although I LOVE Indiana, I would really like it if our weather got no colder than it is right now. I wish our winters were more mild. I think that gas prices are going crazy again. I paid over $3 a gallon yesterday. … Continue reading

My Random Thoughts – 9.14.09

Here are some of my random thoughts on a beautiful fall day in Indiana. I think that this time of year is absolutely beautiful in Central Indiana. Bright sunshine, blue skies and soon, the leaves will begin to change. Beautiful! I think my wife Kim is amazing! She manages to work full-time for Tabor Ministries … Continue reading