My Thoughts: “Smell The Roses”

Most of us are probably familiar with the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses.” If your first reaction is anything like mine, you are probably thinking, “Yeah right. When do I have time to even notice flowers – or anything of beauty – my life is too busy and stressful!”

Let me say that I hear you loud and clear. I identify with that response on every level.

Here’s the dilemma. Isn’t life supposed to be about more than that? Didn’t God purpose our lives for more than just surviving?

I am at a point in my life where I am working on this. It isn’t easy to be sure; but, it isn’t going to happen unless we are purposeful. I am working to find activities that help me stop, recharge the batteries and get back to a place of balance. One of those things is walking on the beach with Kim, which I will be doing next week. But, you can’t always hop on a plane and make the investment of time and money to get to a beach so I am working to find easily accessible things that help me with this as well.

Something we have discovered at our house is turning off the tv, putting on some fun music and getting into the kitchen and cooking together. It’s a blast. My wife has some sweet dance moves too!

What are those things in your life that help you to stop and smell the roses? Is it an activity, a place or time with a person? I hope to hear from you on this. Let me know what helps you.

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