Tabor Ministries

Kim and Brian Tabor are in love. Madly, deeply, passionately in love with Jesus. And it shows. For more information on their ministry, visit the Tabor Ministries web site.

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BIO: They communicate that love with every syllable and note during concert performances and worship events. Theirs is an unmatched gift in creating an atmosphere of genuine worship. When Kim and Brian take the stage, they come to tell of the overwhelming love of Christ and to celebrate His presence. Their unique ability to bring worshipers to the feet of God stems from their own deep, personal relationship with Jesus and from years of honing their craft and sharing their gift with congregations around the country.

God has shaped Kim and Brian for music and for worship all their lives. Singing in high school musicals, performing in bands, and worshiping through their home churches, Kim and Brian individually grew closer to God, developed their skills, and grew their love for music. God eventually led them from their hometowns (Brian from Evansville, Ind., and Kim from Cleveland, Ohio) to enroll as students at Anderson University in Anderson, Ind. It was in college where they met and fell in love. After graduating, each with a music degree, Brian and Kim were married in 1995.

Kim developed her singing and performing, working alongside and gleaning from artists like Sandi Patty and Bill Gaither. In the meantime, Brian became nationally recognized as a leading Minister of Worship through pastorates with large churches and leading worship for many conferences and conventions. In 2001, they both sensed a calling to full-time concert ministry, and began traveling the country as conference worship leaders and ministry concert performers.

Offering more than a concert or worship experience, Tabor Ministries uses every turn on the platform as an opportunity to share the Gospel—the Good News of God’s unconditional and relentless love. “Music and worship are powerful tools that can be used to open hearts to the message of the Gospel,” explains Brian. “The heart of our ministry is to use these tools to share God’s love with people everywhere. We believe that God is passionate about people and their need for fellowship with Him, and we have committed our lives and ministry to this purpose.”

Kim is also passionate about the liberating power of knowing God. Her CD, “Finally Free: Stories of Hope and Inspiration” (2007) combines the awe-inspiring testimonies of seven women in their own voices with scripture and music for a meaningful devotional experience. The CD, along with concert appearances that included the women’s live testimonies, has been received so enthusiastically that Kim’s ministry has broadened to include speaking engagements. She finds herself speaking so often that she developed the “Finally Free Women’s Conference” series and wrote the companion book, Finally Free: Living Free & Loving Life.

The Tabors have been blessed to minister in a variety of denominations, and in such renowned venues as the Crystal Cathedral. Their discography includes “I Open My Heart” (2000), “It’s Time”  (2002), the Christmas project “More Than a Season” (2006), and “The One” (2007).

Despite their busy schedule, the Tabors remain focused. Their mission is to communicate God’s love through song and spoken word, and create moments when others can experience the presence of God. “We have seen God work in our lives and in the lives of persons we have met as we have traveled the country,” said Kim. “Brian and I are humbled that He has used us to help guide these special moments and experiences.”

For more information about Tabor Ministries, Kim and Brian’s recorded products, or their concert schedule, visit They are available as speakers and worship leaders for conferences and retreats as well. To schedule an event, contact

Here are some video samples of their ministry:

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