“Carol Of The Bells” :: MPCC Christmas 2011

We had an awesome weekend at MPCC December 9-11, 2011. Nearly 5,500 people gathered over 6 services for “Joy To The World….A Night Of Worship.” I am so proud of our team for all of their hard work! Here is our opening song, “Carol Of The Bells,” from that service. Merry Christmas!

MPCC :: A Night Of Worship & Praise :: Song Information

Wow, what a night we had at MPCC last night! Thank you so much to our whole team. I am so very grateful for each of you! A DVD of “A Night Of Worship & Praise” will be available in the Resource Center this coming weekend. We get lots of questions from the congregation about … Continue reading

Worship Matters – “By Our Love”

Our church recently engaged in a series entitled “A New Command,” dealing with the ways that we are to love one another. It was powerful. What an experience and a powerful reminder that we are commanded to love one another. MPCC is blessed with one of the greatest Bible teachers I have ever heard in … Continue reading

Songs: “Glorious” by Paul Baloche

We recently started doing a new song in worship at MPCC called “Glorious” by Paul Baloche. Love it! Here is some video of the weekend that we introduced it. I hope it is an encouragement to you.

Songs: “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg

If you read my blog with any regularity, today’s entry may surprise you. I am going old school today. I am taking a mask off and letting you inside the world of BT! 🙂 As a person of faith, I love words…..meaningful words. Words with purpose and power. Words combined with music can be an … Continue reading

Songs: “You Alone Can Rescue”

I think that Matt Redman is an amazing songwriter. He has given The Church songs that have become a part of our worshipping lives. Here are just a few: Blessed Be Your Name, The Heart Of Worship, Better Is One Day, Facedown, Let My Words Be Few and You Never Let Go, among many others. … Continue reading

Worship Matters: “Empty & Beautiful”

We did a song at Mt. Pleasant this past weekend that I just cannot get out of my mind & heart. The song is called “Empty & Beautiful” by Matt Maher. If you have been around me these last couple of years you know that I have really been touched by Matt’s songwriting. He has … Continue reading

Songs: “I Cling To The Cross”

We have just started a 7-week series on the cross at church. In preparation for that series I have been spending lots of time looking and listening to songs about the cross. One that I have known for a while is the song “I Cling To The Cross.” The song was written by Paul Baloche … Continue reading

On The Third Day

As a worship leader many songs come across my desk. Most fall into that bottomless category of “Man, I just don’t get that!” Occasionally I listen to a song that absolutely captures my heart and that happened about a year ago with the song, “On The Third Day” by Matt Maher.  This song takes an … Continue reading