Songs: “I Cling To The Cross”

passion1We have just started a 7-week series on the cross at church. In preparation for that series I have been spending lots of time looking and listening to songs about the cross. One that I have known for a while is the song “I Cling To The Cross.” The song was written by Paul Baloche & Matt Redman and getting those two guys together will always produce awesome results.

I have absolutely had my heart captured by the lyrics to this song. It’s one of those songs that you have to sing with total abandon…nothing half way will do in worship, especially when talking about the cross. It has caused me to think a lot about the cross and to try and imagine what it must have been like for Jesus as he approached the events of the cross. He knew what was coming. He knew what He had to do and willingly, He laid his life down for you and for me. Think about that for a second. I would imagine that if you were to sit down and make a list of people that you would lay your life down for, it would not be a very long list. Yet, He did it for each and every one of us. That is so overwhelming to me.



I cling to the cross and everything it means
I know it’s the only hope there is for saving me
For without Your great mercy
I would be forever lost
With a thankful heart I come
And cling to the cross

What a great reminder that the cross is our only hope.

Here is the audio of Paul singing, “I Cling To The Cross” from the album “Our God Saves.”


Here is Paul Baloche telling the story behind “I Cling To The Cross”

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    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

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