To Click Or Not To Click :: Using Click Tracks In Worship

I entered fulltime worship ministry in 1993. Yeah, even though I still look so young (ha), this September I will celebrate 20 years in ministry. That absolutely blows my mind. What an adventure it has been, and I thank God that in spite of my flaws and being a work in progress, He still sees … Continue reading

MPCC Christmas :: Children’s Choir Registration Is Open

Each year at MPCC, over the second weekend of December, we celebrate the season with our Special Christmas Service. It has become one of my favorite services of the year. Our entire church comes together for this very special weekend. Our choir, orchestra, soloists & technical teams work for months to make it a very … Continue reading

MPCC Team :: Need Portable Music? Own An iPad? :: Use PCO App Music Stand

Technology is changing very quickly. Every day, we find out about some new gadget that promises to make our lives easier. This time, I think that is actually true! If you serve on our team at MPCC you are very familiar with Planning Center Online. We use it for all of our scheduling, communication & … Continue reading

Facebook Is Awesome

Over the last year I have become a firm believer in Facebook. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Facebook is a social networking web-site, similar to MySpace. It allows you to essentially have your own web page where you can connect with friends who also have Facebook pages. It has … Continue reading