Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (Vocally) – Vocal Technique :: Dr. Kathleen Hacker

Have you ever worked with a musician that knew how to bring out the best in people? Sure, there are those people who can challenge us musically, but what about the leaders who can take it a step further and help us to become better people…better servants? Dr. Kathleen Hacker is just that kind of … Continue reading

To Click Or Not To Click :: Using Click Tracks In Worship

I entered fulltime worship ministry in 1993. Yeah, even though I still look so young (ha), this September I will celebrate 20 years in ministry. That absolutely blows my mind. What an adventure it has been, and I thank God that in spite of my flaws and being a work in progress, He still sees … Continue reading

You posted WHAT??? Thoughts On Social Media and Ministry

Let’s Connect: Twitter @BrianLTabor ¬†Instagram @BrianTabor¬† All of us, at one time or another, have had that moment…the moment that causes us to do a wide-eyed double take. We’re scrolling down our Twitter or Instagram feed or looking at Facebook and we see something that a friend or family member posted that stops us in … Continue reading

MPCC :: Worship & Arts Mission To Poland

For months we have been praying, planning, raising money and praying some more toward our trip to Poland. We are now in the final days of preparation. On May 25, 28 people from the MPCC Worship & Arts Team will travel to Poland for a trip that, we pray, will change many lives….including our own. … Continue reading

MPCC Worship & Arts :: Mission To Poland

If you missed our All Worship Department meeting last night, you missed a good one. We are very excited to announce that in May 2012, we are going to Poland! We are working on a plan to take as many from our team as possible on a mission trip to Poland. This will involve choir, … Continue reading