Worship Interview – Encouraging Confidence and Calling – Vernon Rainwater, Northland Church

We all have heroes. I’m not talking about the kind that wear capes and are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound; but, real-life heroes. Even in ministry, it’s important to have people that we look up to….people who inspire us to be better and more effective leaders. I can gratefully say that … Continue reading

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (Vocally) – Vocal Technique :: Dr. Kathleen Hacker

Have you ever worked with a musician that knew how to bring out the best in people? Sure, there are those people who can challenge us musically, but what about the leaders who can take it a step further and help us to become better people…better servants? Dr. Kathleen Hacker is just that kind of … Continue reading

Encouraging & Developing Your Volunteers: Thoughts From A Fellow Worship Pastor

Ministry can be many things. It can be thrilling, fun, energizing and many other positive things. As I look back on my days in ministry I can think of things that still make the hairs on my arm stand at attention. I can remember praying with people as they accepted Christ and rejoicing with them! … Continue reading

To Click Or Not To Click :: Using Click Tracks In Worship

I entered fulltime worship ministry in 1993. Yeah, even though I still look so young (ha), this September I will celebrate 20 years in ministry. That absolutely blows my mind. What an adventure it has been, and I thank God that in spite of my flaws and being a work in progress, He still sees … Continue reading

Building A Ministry Team….It’s All About The Volunteers

Ministry and Volunteers. Volunteers and Ministry. The two go hand in hand. Growing ministries need a large pool of committed, passionate and gifted volunteers. As leaders we need to always be on the lookout for prospects to join our teams. Once we identify them, how do we recruit them? What do we look for? I’d … Continue reading

“Holding My World” :: Be Encouraged

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of singing a great song at MPCC called “Holding My World.” If you are struggling – wondering if God really cares about you and what you may be going through, I hope you will take 3 minutes and listen to these words. Be Encouraged!! Thanks to … Continue reading


I can honestly say that leading worship at MPCC is fun. It is really fun. I love to see our congregation worship the Lord. They are passionate and are engaging more and more each weekend. What a honor it is to see God working in people’s lives! MPCC Worship Set List Info –  August 4-5 … Continue reading


We had a great weekend at MPCC. So grateful for our team who work so hard both on the Music & Programming side. Very thankful for each and everyone of them. Also, let me say that Jerry & Kathleen Hacker hit it out of the park this weekend, singing, “Another Time Another Place.” Amazing talents … Continue reading

:: Song Info from MPCC :: July 21-22, 2012 :: CD Suggestions ::

We are so blessed at MPCC to have some amazing people who serve on our Worship Arts & Programming Team. From those serving on our staff to the hundreds of volunteers that are involved, God continues to build an awesome team of servants that He has entrusted with incredible. I am away from MPCC on … Continue reading

Worship Leaders: Planning, Information & Communication Are Keys To Preparation

One of the passions of my life is preparation. Whatever you are doing, if you prepare carefully and methodically, there is a great chance you will be successful. In the area of worship, preparation is crucial. We have to prepare our hearts and minds spiritually and we have to prepare our gifts as well. Whether … Continue reading