Encouraging & Developing Your Volunteers: Thoughts From A Fellow Worship Pastor

Ministry can be many things. It can be thrilling, fun, energizing and many other positive things. As I look back on my days in ministry I can think of things that still make the hairs on my arm stand at attention. I can remember praying with people as they accepted Christ and rejoicing with them! I can also remember those moments when the light bulb went on and people finally “got it.” Those are amazing memories and I am grateful to the Lord for every one of them.

Ministry can also be challenging. It can even be discouraging. Those of us in vocational ministry can relate to the ups and downs of ministry because we live them. But, what about the volunteers? Imagine walking through some of those ups and downs on top of managing a separate fulltime job, a family and finding time to nurture your relationship with God?

How do we, as leaders, encourage and develop the volunteers that serve with us? I’d like to offer a few suggestions. This is not meant to be a completed list, just a few thoughts to get the conversation rolling. Thoughts? I would love to hear from  you in the Comments section.

  • Be A Cheerleader :: Be your teams biggest fan. Celebrate them. Sit in the front row when they sing or play and hang on every note. 
  • Be An Encourager :: Do you write thank you notes/emails/texts? If not, start. Let them know you are praying for them. Tell them you know how hard they work.
  • Be An Investor :: Provide opportunities for them to grow in their gifts. Give them examples to follow – and you should be on that list. Invest in them.
  • Be A Resource :: Give them a target. Find a way to let them see where you want to go. Attend concerts and conferences as a team. Give them CD’s and share videos with them.
  • Be An Example :: When your team sees how you encourage them, it will show them how to encourage one another.

The whole subject of volunteers is the heart of Engage: The Worship Experience. We want you to come and bring your volunteers with you. I promise you that they will leave encouraged and fired up. We’ll offer lots of practical sessions on both the music side and the technology side. Our team is already praying for your team, and trusting God that September 12-14 will be a dynamic time for all of us. We want this to be an experience that transforms your ministry….and ours.

I hope to see you and your volunteers in September.

Let’s Connect On Twitter: @BrianLTabor    @EngageConf     @MpccWorship 

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