Encouraging & Developing Your Volunteers: Thoughts From A Fellow Worship Pastor

Ministry can be many things. It can be thrilling, fun, energizing and many other positive things. As I look back on my days in ministry I can think of things that still make the hairs on my arm stand at attention. I can remember praying with people as they accepted Christ and rejoicing with them! … Continue reading

Building A Ministry Team….It’s All About The Volunteers

Ministry and Volunteers. Volunteers and Ministry. The two go hand in hand. Growing ministries need a large pool of committed, passionate and gifted volunteers. As leaders we need to always be on the lookout for prospects to join our teams. Once we identify them, how do we recruit them? What do we look for? I’d … Continue reading

Worship Matters: Building Community

Communication is so important. When you really think about it, we spend huge parts of every day communicating. Social networks are based on communicating with family, friends and long lost schoolmates and it seems that every person in America over the age of 3 now has their own cell phone. I find myself thinking about … Continue reading