That’s Not A Hashtag….

Have you ever been leading a rehearsal and something your band was playing or a singer was singing didn’t sound quite right? I will never forget leading a rehearsal when this happened. I kept hitting this section of the song and though I didn’t want to embarrass any of our players, something wasn’t right. The chord was a D/F#, which of course means to play a D major chord with an F(sharp) in the bass. After about 10 minutes it hit me: IT WAS ME!! I was playing an F natural – completely ignoring the SHARP SIGN (#), making the chord minor when the rest of the band was doing it correctly. I had some apologizing to do after that one.

Music has a language all its own. So often we throw our volunteers into the deep end of the pool before we’ve taken the time to teach them the basics of swimming. That can lead to frustration for them and for us. Developing volunteers is all about giving them the tools they need and helping them develop over time. I have been guilty of this many times over the years and am working at ways to improve how I develop our volunteers.

This basic leadership principle crosses over into all worship disciplines as well. Whether it’s setting lighting for your service, doing projection or playing guitar. What are you doing to help develop your volunteers? What kinds of tools are you providing? How do you approach training?

These are questions that we wrestle with all the time at MPCC and are the foundational heartbeat of ENGAGE: The Worship Experience. (September 12-14, 2013) We started Engage because we wanted to provide quality training for our own volunteers and it has blossomed into an event that can benefit your church team and volunteers as well.

Engage is a conference for your entire church team, both staff members and volunteers alike. We are bringing in resource people from all over the country to help encourage and equip you and your team of volunteers.

Engage will offer sessions on a wide variety of topics:

  • Spiritual Preparation For Worship
  • Music Theory
  • Guitars In Worship
  • Vocal Technique
  • Projection
  • Sound
  • Drums In Worship
  • Lighting
  • Media & Communications
  • Vocal Expression
  • Copyright Law
  • Volunteer Development
  • Any Many More!

I would invite you to dig deeper by visiting the ENGAGE web site by clicking here. Also, follow us on Twitter @EngageConf

Here’s a video about Engage. Take 70 seconds and give it a look.


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