We had a great weekend at MPCC. So grateful for our team who work so hard both on the Music & Programming side. Very thankful for each and everyone of them. Also, let me say that Jerry & Kathleen Hacker hit it out of the park this weekend, singing, “Another Time Another Place.” Amazing talents entrusted to true servants….what great people. They put on a communication clinic as well. Any vocalist could learn a lot from watching them communicate a song. Powerful, sincere and heartfelt.

We are also blessed with some incredible instrumentalists. Big props to Scott Wilder (Technology Specialist on the MPCC Staff), who does so many things to help and serve our church. He stepped up on the Mandolin and helped us rock “I’ll Fly Away” this weekend. Great job Scott and the rest of the band!

MPCC Worship Set List Info –  July 28-29

  • “Glory To God Forever” (FEE “Hope Rising”)
  • “Your Grace Is Enough” (Matt Maher“Empty & Beautiful”)
  • “I’ll Fly Away” (Hymnal)
  • “More Than Amazing” (Lincoln Brewster “Real Life”)
  • Special Music: “Another Time Another Place” (Sandi Patty “Another Time Another Place”)


  • “This Is What We Believe” by Aaron Shust :: We are starting to do some of his music at MPCC. You will be encouraged by this CD.
  • “Blessings” by Laura Story :: The title song of this CD is one of the most moving worship songs I have ever heard. Laura is a wonderful writer, worship leader and artist. You can hear her passion for God as you listen to her sing. You need to add this CD to your collection.
2 Responses to “:: SONG INFO FROM MPCC :: JULY 28-29, 2012 :: CD SUGGESTIONS ::”
  1. David Freeman says:

    Loved the whole set ; vocals, instrumentals, Great variety. Jerry and Kathleen,excellent in every way with a song that appeared to be challenging. You are right, pay attention and learn….while you worship. Great job BT

  2. Brian Tabor says:

    You are very kind, David. Thank you so much for being such an example of encouragement & faithfulness. We are so blessed to call you a friend.

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