MPCC Team :: Need Portable Music? Own An iPad? :: Use PCO App Music Stand

Technology is changing very quickly. Every day, we find out about some new gadget that promises to make our lives easier. This time, I think that is actually true!

If you serve on our team at MPCC you are very familiar with Planning Center Online. We use it for all of our scheduling, communication & music distribution. It is an excellent system that is getting better all the time.

Planning Center Online (PCO) has an add-on app called Music Stand that we are ready to make available to our entire team. If you are looking for a way to make your sheet music portable, and you own an iPad, this is a feature that you will really enjoy. The Music Stand app takes all of the music from an upcoming service, and puts it into one set list. You can turn pages with the flick of your finger. I have been using it as I lead worship for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it.

iPad users who want to take advantage of Music Stand can follow these simple steps:

  1. From your iPad, visit the App Store
  2. Search for Planning Center Music Stand
  3. Download the free app
  4. Launch the app and log-in to your normal PCO account
  5. You will be able to see the services that you are scheduled for
  6. Select the service you want to view
  7. When that service loads, click EDIT in the upper right corner
  8. Beside each song, you will see a button that says ‘Select PDF’
  9. Press that button and select the chart that fits what you are doing (Choir should always select PIANO or CHOIR which has all four vocal parts; Tech & Vocal Team, select LEAD; Other charts are instrument appropriate, for example rhythm, acoustic guitar, violin, etc…)

Once you have done that for each song you can click on the first title or any title and swipe to the left to turn the page or swipe to the right to go in reverse.

Want To Make Notes to remind you of specific song information? Tap the screen on that page and select ‘Annotate’ in the upper right corner and use the tools to make notes.

Want to play the mp3 file while you are looking at your music? Select ‘Audio’ in the top right menu and select the mp3 file that matches the song you are working on.

Many of our team members have been using this during our services at MPCC in place of a binder of music. You will get used to the size and the backlight of the iPad actually makes the music much easier to read than a stand light.

If you want to dig deeper and see a video demo of Music Stand, click here.

Enjoy this new technology!

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