A Staycationer’s Birthday Wish List

As many of you know, I celebrated a milestone birthday this week. On July 6th, I officially changed decades. Oh yeah. I’ve gotten every joke in the book: AARP Cards, Cards about reading glasses, the need to limit my cheese intake and everything you can imagine. It’s been an absolute blast. I have laughed harder … Continue reading

Food & Fun: Handel’s Ice Cream

I love ice cream. I eat it in warm weather and I eat it in cold weather…it makes no difference to me. Over the years I have identified many favorite places to get it and many different flavors that I really enjoy. For instance, if I am in Evansville I will absolutely get some ice … Continue reading

Food & Fun – Santorini Greek Kitchen

Nobody would ever mistake me for an adventurous eater. Although I do love to eat and really value a meal that is an experience, I tend to stay in the middle of the road. As I have begun a new job in a new part of the city, I am discovering all kinds of new … Continue reading

Food & Fun – 12.12.08

If you know me or are a frequent reader, you know that I love to talk about food and restaurants. I really enjoy a great meal. If that meal can be a unique experience, it’s even better! After traveling for several years professionally we began to notice that most cities have lots of the same … Continue reading

What’s The Deal With Sliders?

What’s the deal with sliders? Have you noticed how many restaurants are putting “sliders” or miniature sandwiches on their menus? It seems that all of a sudden they are everywhere. Not that I’m complaining about them, I’m just seeing them all over the place. White Castle has always had them and down south Crystal has … Continue reading

Food & Fun – 6.27.08 – “All Italian”

Kim and I absolutely LOVE Italian food. It’s probably one of our favorite comfort foods. So, for this weeks Food & Fun I decided to make it all about our favorite Italian restaurants and pizza places. Again, not an exhaustive list, these are just some of the real favorites we’ve found while living in Indy. … Continue reading