Food & Fun – 12.12.08

If you know me or are a frequent reader, you know that I love to talk about food and restaurants. I really enjoy a great meal. If that meal can be a unique experience, it’s even better! After traveling for several years professionally we began to notice that most cities have lots of the same places to eat. After a while, they all run together. So, we began to search out the unique experiences and those are some of what I try to pass on through this blog.

Recently, we had the chance to go out with some friends for a meal at one of the newer Indianapolis restaurants. It’s a Brazilian eatery called Fogo de Chao. I can honestly say that I don’t remember a more unique food experience. Before I get into my thoughts, let me say this. If you plan to go to Fogo you absolutely need to go hungry. I would also suggest limiting your meat intake for a day or two ahead of time!

I am a person who loves a good steak. I would also say that I have to have some kind of protein at every meal. Having said that, I was not prepared for what I experienced at Fogo de Chao. The basic premise is this: there is no menu; they serve meat and lots of it – 15 different cuts to be exact; there is also a huge salad bar and they bring some side dishes to your table; and, oh yeah….it’s completely awesome!

37_eat_storyThe 15 cuts of meat fall into the following categories: beef, chicken, pork & lamb. Each person at your table is given a place card – one side is green and the other side is red. This card is your signal to the servers to let the meat-fest begin. Once you flip this card to the green side, hold on to your hats….the meat begins coming from all sides. In our experience, I would estimate that approximately every 2-3 minutes we had a server coming with a different cut of meat. It’s your choice to partake in whatever you like. And, if you find something that you really like, they will keep bringing it back as long as you can stand it.

Here is a pic of one of the skewers of beef. The meat is extremely tender and very well seasoned. I was prepared for more spice, which is not something that I typically enjoy all that much. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how moderately seasoned all the cuts were. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I tasted. Each skewer is filled with the same meat cooked at different temperatures….so, the rare person can get rare and the medium well person can get medium well.

One of the highlights for me was a dish called Lombo, a lightly flavored parmesan pork. Another highlight was the bacon wrapped filet mignon and chicken. Then there’s the signature dish, Picanha, a cut of sirloin seasoned with sea salt and garlic. I would easily order any of these dishes as my entree’ whenever I had the chance. The beauty of Fogo de Chao is that you don’t have to because you really get to have them all.

I also need to tell you that as a person who really, really enjoys steak, I was not prepared for the meat hangover that I experienced the next day. You really do have to pace yourself at this place. Don’t be afraid to flip your place card to the red side and take a break. You will definitely need it!

In all, this was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend. Keep in mind that Fogo is expensive at $44.95 per person for dinner ($29.50 for lunch) although where else could you sit and literally eat fine steak – all you can eat – for an entire evening?

We had an awesome time and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. If you are looking for a unique place to spend an evening, check this place out. Make a reservation. You will not be disappointed.

My friends Steve & Tony at Fogo de Chao

My friends Steve & Tony at Fogo de Chao

3 Responses to “Food & Fun – 12.12.08”
  1. No seafood at Fogo? I heard about this place from a couple friends of mine who went there after their wedding. Sounds right up my alley. If ever I go, I’ll check back in with you on the foods to eat, etc. I love reading about your food experiences because it seems you and I have a similar passion for food. It’s a good thing.

    ~ S.

  2. John B says:

    Judging from my physical appearance, I love food. (Duh…) Suzy and I were fortunate enough to eat at one of these Brazilian steakhouses in Myrtle Beach a couple of years ago. Having to leave in a wheelchair was difinitely a possibility! Great food, wonderful dining experience. Quality of the selections overall was outstanding.

    I don’t mind a little pricy as long as I’m talking about the restaurant 2 years later. We’ll need to check this out…soon.

  3. Mark Tabor says:

    Wow what a meal!! The pic kinda looks like vikings geeting to tear off a drumstick – lol. Anyway sounds like a winner…

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