Food & Fun – 6.27.08 – “All Italian”

Kim and I absolutely LOVE Italian food. It’s probably one of our favorite comfort foods. So, for this weeks Food & Fun I decided to make it all about our favorite Italian restaurants and pizza places. Again, not an exhaustive list, these are just some of the real favorites we’ve found while living in Indy.

First, for the Italian restaurants, in no particular order.

1. Bravo! Cucina Italiana. I am absolutely addicted to this place. Hands down the best bread & oil I have ever eaten. We love this place for Sunday lunch. You can almost always get in easily at that time. We both have our favorites (mine is Spaghettini Bolognese – an excellent take on spaghetti and meat sauce….Kim’s favorite is Chicken Parmesan Milanese) but will even change up every now and then. They also have excellent salads and a fabulous Italian Wedding Soup. Bravo is always a very solid choice!

2. Another favorite that is off the beaten path is Enrico’s (6158 Hillside Ave – Indianapolis – 46220 – 251-1488). Near the intersection of Keystone and 62nd Street this has been a favorite for years. Great food that is cooked to order. It’s also a very quaint mom -n- pop type place to have a quiet dinner. Excellent tomato soup!

3. Amalfi is another wonderful place to have an excellent meal. Located at the intersection of 86th Street and Ditch Road on the northside of Indy, this place has never disappointed. Great for lunch or dinner and again, off the beaten path. My brother-in-law Kevin promises that their food will change your life!

4. If you are ever in the mood to eat your weight in pasta, Maggiano’s Little Italy is the place for you! You  can order off the regular menu and get a great meal. But, the only way to do Maggiano’s is to order from  the family style menu. The family style meal is all you can eat and believe me, there will be leftovers to take home when you are done! This is a fabulous dinner choice that will also be a great experience for a group of friends or family! Promise me that you will try the mushroom ravioli…..WOW!!!!!

5. Another great off the beaten path place for an excellent Italian meal is Mama Carollas. Nestled into a neighborhood near Broad Ripple this will also be a quaint spot to enjoy a quality Italian meal. They offer a great menu with wonderful food.

Now, on to our favorite PIZZA places!

1.  Puccini’s Smiling Teeth is always an excellent choice for pizza. There are 6 locations in Central Indiana. Try the Ultimate Warrior Pizza. An excellent choice! Great salads too.

2. If you spend much time with us, chances are that you have eaten Firehouse Pizza in Fishers (7261 E. 116th Street – Fishers – 46038 – 842-9299). This is carryout only but an excellent choice! We serve Firehouse Pizza at our house at least once a week. It’s always hot out of the oven and has become a real favorite of ours!

3. Also in Fishers is Greek’s Pizzeria. We really enjoy this place. Greek’s is a small place so you may have to wait a few minutes but it will be well worth it. Let me also offer a word of caution … when you look at the menu, you may be tempted by the Gourmet Meat Pizza (formerly known as “lots-o-meat”). Proceed with caution! This baby is loaded with 6 kinds of meat (including double pepperoni) and has come back to “bite” the boys and me many, many times. Great other choices and wonderful salads and bread sticks.

4. A new Indy favorite is Jockamo Pizza, located in Irvington on the near eastside of Indy. This place is awesome! Any day during the week you might find the First Church staff having lunch here (they offer a $4.50 lunch special which includes a slice of pizza, lunch salad and drink…a great deal). Jockamo uses local products to make their pizza’s, which is a really nice touch. The specialty pizza’s are all excellent including the BBQ (with sauce from G.T. South’s) and my personal favorite, the Slaughterhouse Five (pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon and italian beef). This is one of the best pizza’s I have ever eaten!

5. Some Guy’s Pizza Pasta Grill is a place that really fits into both of these  categories. They have a location near Broad Ripple and one in Carmel. Great place for pizza, salads and Italian food in a casual atmosphere. This place also has live music on certain nights, which is really cool. When we hit Some Guy’s, we create our own pizza: meatballs, mushrooms, green peppers & onions. It’s awesome!

6. Last but not least, I humbly offer up the Costco Pizza. Yes that’s right, the pizza at Costco rocks! You can buy it by the slice at the cafe (huge slice and a drink for less than $2) or they will even make you a whole one for $10. That’s right ten bucks! And, I promise it will be one of the biggest pizza’s you have ever seen, making for an excellent meal at a great price.

So, there you have it….our recommendations for some excellent Italian food or pizza. If you know of others let me know in the comment section and we’ll be sure to check them out! Have a great weekend of Food & Fun!

2 Responses to “Food & Fun – 6.27.08 – “All Italian””
  1. Troy Hochstetler says:

    You know you’re old when…you can’t handle Greeks pizza

  2. Brian says:

    I will be happy to buy you a Gourmet Meat Pizza. I will sit and watch you enjoy it. Then, I will watch the clock and wait patiently for the “bite” that has tackled so many before you! 🙂

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