Worship Matters – 6.29.08

We had a fabulous day in worship yesterday! In 16 years of public ministry I have not been more proud of my team than I was after yesterday’s worship services. Our church is in the midst of tons of transition and yet, they step up week after week and knock it out of the park! Yesterday was no exception and it was such a blessing for me to step back and watch them work. 

For me, it was one of those days that found me absolutely spent after worship. I know 2 kinds of spent: (1) spent from the fact that things didn’t go well and working to hold everything together wipes me out; and, (2) spent because of how tremendously things went and the spiritual, emotional and physical investment that it takes for me to lead those kinds of worship experiences.

Yesterday was definitely the 2nd kind of spent. After those days I find myself replaying moments and transitions….feeling like we absolutely offered an excellent gift back to the Lord. I also believe that when things go this way we can’t help but notice a definitive difference in the way that the congregation enters into worship. They really take an active role in the service. They transition from observers to full participants. On those days they seem to understand that worship isn’t something that WE do (those of us on the platform) and they (the congregation) observe. It is something that we all take part in and that God Almighty is the object of our worship and affection. Days like this prove to me that genuine worship must cost us something. It requires an investment on our part and to enter into this casually is to miss the mark entirely.

I remember many moments from yesterday. We introduced “You Are Good” to the congregation and I was blown away by the response. I should qualify that by saying not everyone in the congregation was on board; but, the vast majority were really into it. We also used “Our God Saves” which is a song that our church sings with real abandon. We brought back “Mighty To Save” which is just a killer worship song. The icing seemed to be the choir singing “How Great Thou Art,” which was amazing. The loft was filled almost to capacity and they absolutely knocked it out of the park! It just seemed that our congregation needed a day like this and I am grateful that the Lord used us to provide what they needed in worship.

I really sense that the spiritual temperature of our church is being turned up. You can sense that as we worship. I don’t know why or exactly what that means; but, God is clearly at work and the enemy is not happy about it. My prayer is that as a team we will continue to press in to all that God has for us week after week. We have no way of knowing what this pastoral transition will bring. There is a chance that the new pastor will bring a worship person with him or elect to make a change in worship personnel.

For now, we know that we have Sunday July 6th coming and my goal is for us to step up to the plate and knock it out again this week. Let’s do it!

3 Responses to “Worship Matters – 6.29.08”
  1. Aaron Baker says:

    I, too, feel a rising of spiritual temperature in the church and it’s so exciting to see the level of worship increasing. To see the band and choir at such a level of excitement and numbers in JUNE is awesome!!!

  2. Leighton says:

    The awesome thing about being a small part of ministry each Sunday is the tremendous blessing that I receive back – and it is far more than I give! Last Sunday was indeed another one of those days.

  3. Carrie N says:

    I, too, can feel the heat! The song: “You Are Good” put me on a spiritual high that I can still feel the effects of. God is working on something BIG!! For I know the plans I have for you…

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