Wipeout Is Awesome

Have you seen Wipeout on ABC? It’s the new show where they pull random people off the street and put them through the paces on a series of obstacle courses. What an awesome idea! It’s been a very long time since I have laughed like I did during the first episode. To see these poor souls trying to balance themselves on these stacked blocks or bouncing their way across these giant balls filled with air it is  entertaining! 

All of this is done for a chance at $50K and to avoid falling into a pool of mud and, I probably don’t need to tell you that most of them fall into the mud! 

Wipeout is hosted by, in my opinion, a very funny pairing of ESPN’s John Anderson and John Henson the former host of Talk Soup on the E Channel. These guys work really well together with Anderson being the straight man and Henson adding his sarcastic wit to the running commentary and some awesome nicknames for the contestants. Jill Wagner is co-host and you will recognize her from those Mercury car commercials. Wipeout airs Tuesday evenings on ABC at 8 PM.

If you haven’t seen it I would highly encourage you to check it out. My Tivo is set to record and I will be enjoying this all summer long! What is it about seeing people get knocked in the mud that we enjoy so much? I’m not sure how to answer that but it makes for great television!

If you still aren’t sure whether you might enjoy this or not take a few minutes to enjoy this video from the first episode. The first guy has a really, really rough time on the course. Mr. Excitement is pretty exciting to watch!


3 Responses to “Wipeout Is Awesome”
  1. 'Little' MT says:


    I can’t wait for it to start. My DVR is set and ready for every episode. Open your windows and you’ll be hearing us. Of course we love shows like AFV, etc…

    Enjoying the blog…
    ‘Little’ MT

  2. John Bick says:

    These reality shows really do amaze me. I can’t imagine going on national tv and PROVING without a doubt what poor condition I’m in physically. Some of this stuff looks HARD. I was always a decent athlete, but that was before I discovered eating as a sport.

    How’s that for a match made in heaven? Suzy loves to cook…I love to gorge. Glad I’m 6’5″ or I’d probably be in real trouble…

    Love the blog man…Need to get out and play soon.

  3. Carrie N says:

    Ok, were you and Mark separated at birth? I mean with the food and the watching people make idiots of themselves and not to mention picking on innocent people… Oh my, Kim and I have more in common than I knew!!!!!
    JK…really enjoying the blog!

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