A Staycationer’s Birthday Wish List

As many of you know, I celebrated a milestone birthday this week. On July 6th, I officially changed decades. Oh yeah. I’ve gotten every joke in the book: AARP Cards, Cards about reading glasses, the need to limit my cheese intake and everything you can imagine. It’s been an absolute blast. I have laughed harder this week than I have in months. That has been one of the awesome things about this birthday.

Knowing this would be a big week, I took some vacation time. Actually, I took some staycation time. It has been great to get to be home. I promised myself we wouldn’t do a lot, we would cook, eat, laugh, watch movies and enjoy being home. We have done absolutely that. It’s been a very hectic year with family medical things going on with my parents, MPCC, Kim’s new book and Finally Free Conference and just life in general. We wanted to just take a breath.

Going into this staycation I had made an informal to-do list for myself. Here’s the list and the details that go with it:

  • Sleep In :: Check….every single day I slept in. It was incredible.
  • Ride A Roller Coaster :: Check….we went to Kings Island in Cincinnati and I rode several. I also lived to tell the story, which is nice at my age. 🙂
  • Eat “The Big Ugly” :: Check….There is a burger joint in Carmel, IN called Bub’s. They have a burger challenge called The Big Ugly. It’s a burger that starts out at 22 oz but cooks down to about 16 oz plus the bun (I’m guessing 5-6 oz) and toppings. I did it. I did, however, choose poorly on toppings. For some reason, I froze and ordered it with cheese and onions. I love onions on burgers to not that many onions on that size of burger. Whoa. The next day was no picnic but everyone in our house survived the experience.
  • Stare At The Walls :: Check….There’s something therapeutic about just sitting in silence. Life gets so busy and sometimes, I need to just shut down and recharge the batteries in silence. I did that.
  • Take 40 By Storm :: Check….I guess this one remains to be seen but I feel like I’m doing well so far.
  • Attend A Baseball Game :: Didn’t make it to a game this week. Other things on the list took priority.
  • Grill Sausage :: Check….Grilled brats, polish sausage & burgers. I love to cook.
  • Connect With Kim :: Check Plus….I love Kim and sometimes we get so busy with ministry that before we realize it we haven’t really connected in a while. THIS is a great reason for a staycation.
  • Read A Book :: Didn’t get this one done either. (see next point)
  • Hang My Dart Board :: CHECK….8 years ago I bought a very nice dart board. Darts are not serious for me, but it is a fun and mindless way to step away from normal life. Anyway, I bought this 8 years ago and finally….this week….got it hung!
  • Go For A Bike Ride :: Check….this has become almost a part of our routine. Love it.
  • Re-Charge Spiritually :: CHECK….This has been a great week with Jesus. The Lifegiver, Waymaker and Keeper of my heart.

So, there you have it.  Not bad for an old guy, huh?

Be Blessed!

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