30-Day Marriage Challenge :: Progress Report

Here we are at the half way point of the 30-Day Marriage Challenge. How’s it going?

I would love to hear some stories about what you are doing to surprise your spouse and what their response has been. Will you share?

This all started as a personal challenge to me. Could I really keep this up for 30 days? How would she respond? Would it take a lot of time and money?

I have been so encouraged to have heard back from so many of you. So far, nearly 1,000 people have read the 30-Day Marriage Challenge blog post. We have more than 50 participating in the event on Facebook. We also were able to do a radio interview on Moody Chicago to talk about the Challenge. I have heard about others spreading the word personally. Who knows how far the story is reaching?

My goal was simple: To make my wife feel like she is the most special person in the entire world…..because she is. I am blown away by how others are using it to confirm the strong foundation of their marriages, or to breathe refreshing new life into a marriage that needs it. Praise God.

So, I put this question to you: How is it going? Has it made an impact on your marriage? I really want to hear from you. By sharing your stories you can be an encouragement to others!

I want to leave you with some idea’s for surprises. Remember, you need to think like your spouse. What would a surprise look like to them? Praying for you all!

  • Love notes (leave them hidden so your spouse can find them when they least expect it)
  • Meals (make your spouses favorite meal OR take them to their favorite spot)
  • Go for a walk and just talk (costs no $ and every marriage could benefit from this kind of time together)
  • Flowers (what are your wife’s favorite flowers?)
  • Buy your spouse a Bible or new devotional and write something nice in the front
  • Cards – buy a series of greeting cards for your spouse and hide them around the house, office, car, etc….
  • Wives – make cookies, brownies or something special for your husband – something they really enjoy
  • Post something on their Facebook
  • Watch your wedding video together
  • Turn off the tv for an hour and just connect….enter their world
  • Guys – orchestrate an entire evening. Print a fancy invitation on your computer. Plan every detail – have flowers delivered at the restaurant table, carriage ride – BLOW HER MIND!!
  • Let your creativity run wild!
2 Responses to “30-Day Marriage Challenge :: Progress Report”
  1. As you know, I’m already enjoying the 30 Day Marriage Challenge .. and reading this DID give me 1 or 2 more ideas. However, in my ADD-like nature, I noticed something odd on your page.

    At first I wondered if it was a smudge on my screen, or something. Then I looked closer – and scrolled up and down, where it moved with the page. Do you know there’s a teeny, tiny smiley face on the right edge of this blog? Did you put it there? or someone else?

    I’ve even wondered if it was put there just to see when someone would notice. Either way, it added a smile – literally – to my day.

    Bless you, Brother!

  2. Shannon Barchett says:

    I started by just little flirting with my husband, a wink, an I love you text etc. Now I think he has signed up. We have 4 busy kids, Lynn works 64 hours a week. I think we had forgotten about each other. We are having a great time! Thanks!!!!

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