My Thoughts – 7.6.09

  Here are some of my random thoughts on a beautiful July day in Indiana. I think that corn dogs are near the top of my list of perfect food. BBQ Baby Back Ribs are also near the top of that list. I still think that adults should get summer vacation. I think that Albert … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 6.15.09

Here are some random thoughts on an overcast Indiana day…….. I think that my wife makes the best brownies in the whole world. I think that having technology at our fingertips makes life both easier and more challenging. I think that diets make life interesting. I have been on a self-imposed diet for about 16 … Continue reading

My Random Thoughts – 4.2.09

Here are some random thoughts on a cool & rainy April day in Indiana. I think that for some reason I am becoming addicted to Greek food. No idea why, I just can’t seem to get enough. Check out the moves from this belly dancer from last Friday night at Santorini’s Greek Kitchen in Indy. … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 3.11.09

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. Somewhere between a new job, a long commute and life in general it’s been a very busy few weeks. Life really does get busy doesn’t it? Just writing these first 2 lines I have had to stop and answer 7 emails and 4 text messages. Seriously, … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 2.4.09

A collection of random thoughts……. I think that the day of the Super Bowl can be a blast. Time with friends, good food and football – what a day! The commercials were sort of disappointing to me this year though. Seriously, enough with the horses on those beer commercials. That has played. But, the Dorito’s … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 12.2.08

Here are some random thoughts on a snowy Indiana Tuesday…… I think that snow is beautiful….for about 4 days. Then I am tired of shoveling it, driving in it and dealing with it. I have no idea where this snowy picture was taken but it looked like a cool place to walk during one of … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 10.22.08

The church world is very interesting. The highs are extremely high. The lows….well, they are equally as low. It makes me think a lot about what we might be capable of if we were to ever get on the same page. I mean all of us, on the same page, working toward the same goals … Continue reading

My Thoughts

Summer is quickly coming to an end so it’s time for some random thoughts…… I think that I am going to try to smoke some meat on Monday. I also think that I will need to do some research before I am ready for that. We are trying ribs and maybe a turkey breast. I … Continue reading