My Random Thoughts – 4.2.09

Here are some random thoughts on a cool & rainy April day in Indiana.

Greek Belly Dancer, Santorini's Greek Kitchen - Indianapolis

Greek Belly Dancer, Santorini's Greek Kitchen - Indianapolis

I think that for some reason I am becoming addicted to Greek food. No idea why, I just can’t seem to get enough. Check out the moves from this belly dancer from last Friday night at Santorini’s Greek Kitchen in Indy. Seriously, put that up there with one of my all-time least favorite jobs. There is literally no way I would do this.

I think that the beach is calling. I just seem to relax on the beach at levels that I can’t reach in other places. Heading into Easter the work pace is catching up with me.

I think that it is time for baseball season and I am stoked. Go Cards! Go Pujols!

I think this weekend at MPCC is going to be dynamic and powerful. All acoustic with strings, acoustic guitars, piano & percussion. I am excited about it and am praying that God will us it to impact lives as we talk about Jesus’ final words from the cross.

I think that I love spring. I cannot wait to play golf. There is something very healing about time outside chasing a little white ball around.

I think well, actually I know that I could eat an entire bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs in one sitting. That is horrible and I know that I would feel horrible physically after doing it. But still, it calls to me!

I think that good friends that you can trust with your innermost thoughts are very rare and hard to find. I am grateful for mine.

I think that this lyric is just about as good as it gets (from “This Is Our God” by Travis Cottrell):

Who is this One who will not condemn us? Why would He come to shoulder our sentence?
Nothing we’ve done will keep Him from giving us grace.
Who is this One? We watch and we’re speechless. God’s only Son embracing our weakness.
He overcomes all death and He frees us to live.

This is our God, suffering an dying. Call Him the Hero redeeming the lost.
This is our God, love sacrificing, all that is holy accepting our cross.

Hallelujah, this is our God!

 I think that the longer I live the more important my family is to me.

I think that time management is a crucial skill to learn in ministry. Without it you will not survive.

I think that this dude is scary talented. I mean a genuine freak-of-nature and God given musical genius. I leave you with Raul Midon singing, “State Of Mind.” Enjoy and if you take the time to watch it you will not be sorry (total run time is 3:45).

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