Worship Matters – 4.6.09

Yesterday at MPCC was the final day in our “Cross Words” sermon series on the words of Jesus from the cross. We dealt with the death of Jesus as He said, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” This has been such a sobering study and I am grateful for Pastor Chris’s leadership and teaching.

Given the dramatic theme of the day we chose to go unplugged with our worship set, using piano, 2 acoustic guitars, percussion & a string section along with 4 vocalists. It turned out to be a powerful worship experience for those of us on the platform and, I trust, a moving experience for the congregation as well. 

One of the songs we used is called “Grace Flows Down,” which was new to me. I have been singing the lyrics in my mind all weekend. It paints a powerful picture of an aspect of the cross that we probably don’t think about all that often. It was so moving to listen to the congregation worship through this song.

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.
Amazing love now flowing down;
from hands and feet that were nailed to the tree,
as grace flows down and covers me.

It covers me.
It covers me.
It covers me,
and covers me.

This song, has given me a refreshed perspective on the cross that I really needed to be reminded of. At the center of the Easter drama with all of its’ violence and emotion is Jesus, simply loving us by His grace and mercy. He is doing what He came to do, for you and for me.

I am amazed and I am grateful. From an overwhelmed and grateful child to a loving Father…..Thank You.

You can check out the video of us doing “Grace Flows Down” from this past weekend by clicking here (video is in the lower right corner).

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