My Thoughts – 12.2.08

Here are some random thoughts on a snowy Indiana Tuesday……snowypath

I think that snow is beautiful….for about 4 days. Then I am tired of shoveling it, driving in it and dealing with it. I have no idea where this snowy picture was taken but it looked like a cool place to walk during one of my 4 days of enjoying snow.

I think that Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday. I mean really, an entire day devoted to eating and family…what could be better than that?

I think that one of the most powerful worship songs ever written is “In Christ Alone” by Keith Getty. Powerful. Those are words that you can really sit and think about. Very rich.

I think that the Colts could actually end up making some serious noise in the playoffs this year. I also am pretty sure I will owe Steve Adams a lunch when they reach 10 wins on December 14 vs. the Lions. Steve believed from the beginning and I had my doubts. That is a lunch I will be glad to buy. How many White Castle sliders can you eat, Steve??

I think that Kim is wonderfully gifted at making our house feel like Christmas. I must admit that putting up Christmas decorations is one of my least favorite things to do in the whole world. But Kim perseveres, puts up with my attitude and gets the job done. I love the finished product.

I think I have found the perfect spaghetti. Bravo serves Spaghettini Bolognese, which for my tastes is absolute perfection.

I think that the Church has to learn to adapt more quickly. I’m not talking about watering down our message in any way, but I do think that we have to find creative ways to be more culturally relevant. I really believe that will be our next huge challenge. The culture keeps changing and we keep doing things the same way. Is it any wonder that most churches aren’t growing?? Same message – new methods. That’s the target I want to head for.

I think XM radio rocks. We have it in both of our vehicles and love it. Right now there are 3 stations dedicated to different styles of all Christmas music. I love the classics. Call me crazy but those classic arrangements really take me back….

I just got a Blackberry Curve and I think I am really going to like it.

I think our schedule this week is going to absolutely wipe me out. It goes something like this: (1) FCN through Thursday; (2) Friday drive to Cleveland; (3) Saturday TM gig in Warren, OH; (4) Drive home to Indy; (5) Sunday AM & PM worship services at FCN; (6) Monday drive to Chicago; (7) Monday night TM gig in Chicago; (8) Tuesday morning drive home to Indy; (9) Back to the office Tuesday afternoon. Man, I need a nap after just writing that down.

I think that Christmas has major potential for outreach. I am praying that the Lord will use HIS Church in a major way this Christmas to reach many people.

Your Thoughts??

2 Responses to “My Thoughts – 12.2.08”
  1. John B says:

    Dude, on the decorations thing…You need to get in touch with your inner “Clark W. Griswold.” There’s nothing like making Duke Energy turn on the auxiliary power to cover the electricity your Christmas lights are sucking up, while at the same time watching your neighbors’ lights go dim. Another tradition at my house…Christmas movies. Must see: Christmas Vacation; Scrooged; Miracle on 34th Street; It’s A Wonderful Life; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I can do a wicked Yukon Cornelius… 🙂

  2. Troy Hochstetler says:

    I think you’re going to have a difficult time fitting in games of brickbreaker with that schedule

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