My Thoughts – 2.4.09

A collection of random thoughts…….

I think that the day of the Super Bowl can be a blast. Time with friends, good food and football – what a day! The commercials were sort of disappointing to me this year though. Seriously, enough with the horses on those beer commercials. That has played. But, the Dorito’s commercials were great.

I still think that Facebook is awesome. Connecting with friends from the past and present is something I really enjoy. I recently crossed the 1,000 friend threshold, which is exciting.

I think that the Indianapolis Colts need some tremendous defensive upgrades. Their choice of a new Defensive Coordinator is crucial.

I think it has been at least 6 months since I have been to a movie theater. That bums me out because I enjoy movies, but I just haven’t had the time.

I think that January is an unfortunate time of year to begin a 35-mile work commute. That’s 35 miles – one way. We have had an unusual amount of heavy snowfall, which has made driving interesting to say the least.

I think that even though the drive is challenging, God has great days in store at Mt. Pleasant. Great team and a strong foundation to build upon. Plus, an awesome staff to work with. We are dealing with overcrowding in services, which is awesome.

I think that I want to invest in a good smoker. Smoked meat is awesome. I can imagine smoking chicken, ribs, turkey, brisket….this is making me hungry.

I think it is a shame that more churches don’t know the song “This Is Our God” by Travis Cottrell. There are several other songs by that title that get all the press. This song is a hidden gem.

I think “24” is awesome. Great action and good acting by Kiefer Sutherland this year. I also think that “Fringe” (FOX) is a great new show. I also love “The Office,” “30 Rock”“Life” (NBC). I really miss “Seinfeld”, “The King of Queens” & “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Classic moments in those shows man….

I think my wife is awesome for making yet another dream come true – tickets to see the Eagles coming up on March 22!

I think my friend Terry Hayes can whale on the guitar. He is a rock star and I am grateful to have him with me at MPCC. I love it when he takes the lead and rocks a solo on songs like “Everlasting God” & “Hosanna.” It really blesses my worship!

I think dogs are awesome. If you know me at all you know that I really love my dog, Sophie. She makes me laugh. Personality plus with this dog…..and she knows it!

I think that G.D. Ritzy’s is a perfect burger joint. I grew up with them in Evansville and every now and then just have to have it! Great burgers, fries & ice cream. I wish I had the coin to bring one to Indy. I would locate it very close to my house! Double Ritz with cheese, fries and a scoop of O-O-Oreo to finish it off. Wow!

I think Saturday Night Live has had some good moments recently. Nothing like the glory days but I think they need to keep the Digital Shorts coming.

I think (actually I know) I am still addicted to Chick-fil-A. It is awesome. There is also a new addiction forming….Long’s Donuts in Greenwood. Can’t do it that often but this place rocks. Thanks to Cheri Bate for the introduction!

3 Responses to “My Thoughts – 2.4.09”
  1. Liz Hayes says:

    First time I have read your blog! I agree with you 100% on a few things. Fringe is mine & Terry’s favorite new show and we LOVE 30 Rock!! My husband Terry is a rock star and I have been a groupie for a long time now..LOL!! Last but not least Longs donuts are the BEST donuts in the city! I don’t eat them often but when I do I go for the creme filled ones. I am a little jealous about the Eagles tickets but I am sure I will “Get Over It”……

  2. John Bick says:

    Man, we miss listening to Terry play. He stinks though. I took lessons for 2 years and can’t play chords in the right order. Some people get all the talent.

    So true about dogs, although Barney, our now 75 pound yellow lab, can be a bit of a challenge. We’re putting our house up for sale and his favorite habit is scratching the snot out of my woodwork. Keeping the stain handy…I wouldn’t trade him for the world though.

    How about that Cardinal defense in the last two minutes? Forget something? Like pass coverage? Even Pittsburgh is probably not going to run the ball 88 yards in 2:25…great game though. Miss you guys.

  3. Dude, you’d never been to Long’s? That is a tragedy that hurts my heart, man. I’m just glad that you’ve finally discovered them! The plain yeast are fantastic, but if you’re feeling a bit saucy, they’re cream-filleds are awesome, too!

    It’s got to be the original “Office” for me. The goobery Steve Carrell can’t hold a candle to the comedic genius that is Ricky Gervais. The awkwardness is much more palpable and, while the humour (yes, spelled with a ‘u’ – ‘cuz it’s BRITISH!) may be more subtle, it’s definitely more complex (and, in my book, that means funnier).

    One o’ these days, I’ll have to make a roadtrip down to this “G.D. Ritzy’s” place you speak of. I’m always on the lookout for an awesome burger experience!

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