MPCC Music & Worship Ministry Value: Authenticity
I told you that we would begin talking about some new ministry values. Actually they aren’t all that new; but, I would like us to formally embrace these values as a team.

Last time, we talked about the value of Preparation and how very important it is to be prepared to lead God’s people in worship.

This week, I would like to talk about Authenticity. Listen to what Webster has to say about being authentic; (1) conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features; (2)  not false or imitation; (3) true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. Looking at some synonyms of authentic will really help our focus on this value: Real, Genuine, & Bona Fide mean being actually and exactly what is claimed, being fully trustworthy as according with fact.

As Christians and worship leaders, our original is Jesus. HE served with authenticity and a genuine sense of humility. Our goal is to serve as He served and to be genuine and real in our leadership. This happens both when we are on the platform and when we are not on the platform. As we worship God it has to come from a real place inside us. It also means that our worship has to happen on a daily basis and not just when we are on the schedule. Remember that in worship, you cannot lead people to a place that you, yourself, are not going. Authenticity is an extremely important and essential value for worship leaders.

Whether we are holding a microphone or an instrument….working at a sound or light board….running lyrics on a computer….it is important that we do it as a real, genuine and authentic act of worship. I believe that authentic and heartfelt worship can be a powerful tool for evangelism. I also believe that authentic worship is undeniable.

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