My Thoughts – 10.29.09

Some random thoughts on a fall day in Indiana.

I think that although I LOVE Indiana, I would really like it if our weather got no colder than it is right now. I wish our winters were more mild.

I think that gas prices are going crazy again. I paid over $3 a gallon yesterday. Yikes! How is that not price gouging again??

I think that the leaf colors have been beautiful this fall! Wow. I do really miss getting to Brown County with Kim. I need to make time to do that.

I think that the COLTS are finally fielding a full team…Offense, Defense & Special Teams. Lookout NFL. Peyton is in a serious zone.

I think that the Westside Market in Cleveland absolutely ROCKS! We are headed to Cleveland for concerts this weekend and I am looking forward to cruising the market.

I think that “You, You Are God” from Gateway is an awesome worship song. I am loving it right now.

I think that this Christmas at MPCC is going to be fabulous. I am excited about it!

There you have it…..have a great day everybody!!

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