My Random Thoughts – 9.14.09

Tabors-039_1_2Here are some of my random thoughts on a beautiful fall day in Indiana.

I think that this time of year is absolutely beautiful in Central Indiana. Bright sunshine, blue skies and soon, the leaves will begin to change. Beautiful!

I think my wife Kim is amazing! She manages to work full-time for Tabor Ministries during the week, travel most weekends to minister and is still an amazing wife, friend and partner in ministry. I love her. Plus she is a red-hot stone cold fox and makes a fabulous loaf of pumpkin bread (among other things).

I think that I am astonished by how little attention the Colts are getting from the national media. Changes, yes. New personnel, absolutely. But the Colts have had a run of elite winning seasons rarely seen in professional sports, especially the NFL. Are the Patriots the only team that gets the benefit of the doubt? Come on! On my way to work I listened to at least 4 ESPN updates of yesterday’s NFL action and NONE OF THEM EVEN MENTIONED THE COLTS GAME. Get serious. It may not be a cakewalk for them this year but last time I checked Peyton Manning was still the starting quarterback, correct? As long as he is under center and Reggie Wayne is catching passes we have a great chance. Plus, can you say defense? Wow, I know it’s only been 1 game but the Colts defense made the Jaguars look like a horrible offensive team yesterday. It was only close because of a couple of turnovers.

I think that our new sermon series, “What’s Your Story” is going to be powerful! We are doing some of the most strategic and intentional worship planning I have ever been a part of in my career and we are believing that God is going to do amazing things as people get real and share their stories. Follow the link and select Video Testimonies to see the videos we’ve done so far.

I think that Israel Houghton’s new album “The Power Of One” is outstanding. Most of it is going to be very hard to pull off in the local church setting but it is an amazing CD.

I think that if you are a terrible driver you should take all Christian related materials off of your vehicle. No Jesus fish, no bumper stickers and no “In God We Trust” license plate. Seriously, you are giving us bad press! And, for the record, this is precisely why I don’t have any of those things on my car!

I think that turn signals are an important part of the driving partnership. Use them.

I think that our MPCC team did an outstanding job this weekend. Band, Choir, Vocal Team, and especially Tech Team – all were outstanding! Putting the Worship Center back together after a week of construction, starting a new church wide emphasis and launching a new Video Venue service all in the same week….are you serious? That is A LOT and they did it like the true professionals that they are. Way to go team – YOU ROCK!!

I think that the Cardinals experienced a small hiccup this weekend. You don’t run through the national league like they have over the last 3 months and call it a fluke. They will rebound and make serious noise in the playoffs.

I think that my family is absolutely awesome! Mom & Dad came to visit this weekend and they ALWAYS rock a couple of bags of BBQ Grippo’s from Evansville for us. Thanks guys!

What are your random thoughts today??

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