Engage Conference :: Looking Back…..And Moving Forward

We are almost 2 weeks removed from ENGAGE. What a tremendous experience! Wow. So grateful for our team….so many of them spent countless hours volunteering to make sure things ran smoothly. We are also extremely grateful for all the people who came and brought their teams with them. Thank you for making the investment of time and resources to come and spend some time with us!

We ended up with 31 churches represented from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio & Michigan. All total, we had approximately 315 people attend. We are so pleased with this for our first year! God is good. We really wanted ENGAGE to be different. We wanted it to truly be an equipping conference. Based on what we are hearing in response, we feel like we accomplished that goal.

We are thrilled to be able to offer the podcast of the entire conference to you. You can find it here. There are videos of the main sessions and audio recordings of the breakout sessions. Feel free to use them to continue to encourage and equip your team.

We are getting lots of follow-up responses and questions that we will be answering via blogs & Twitter as the days roll along. Here are the ways that you can keep in touch and stay connected to all the Engage info:

One of the most frequently asked questions, is, “What are the ENGAGE dates for next year?” So grateful for that question. And, it’s coming from both people who attended and people who didn’t attend – but are hearing feedback about the conference experience. That is awesome!!

The answer: We hope to release that information very soon.

Check out the podcast and be encouraged! We are praying for you and your team as you lead your congregation in dynamic worship!

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