My Thoughts: Total Randomness

I Dislike Winter With Tremendous Intensity

It’s a cold and snowy day in Indianapolis. Honestly, the weather is horrible. Here are some totally random things that I am thinking about today.

  • Why did Hostess get rid of the aluminum foil packages for Ding Dongs?
  • I just bought my very first scarf. It’s like joining an elite brotherhood. Sort of.
  • I am really digging “Adoration” by Brenton Brown. We will intro that at MPCC very soon.
  • My wife just wrote her first book entitled, “Finally Free: Living Free And Loving Life”. I am SO PROUD of her. It is a powerful reading experience that is going to impact lives. Way to go KT!!!
  • The Colts….Wow, where to start. How about special teams? We can’t run kicks back nor can we stop others from doing so. Ugh. Gotta improve that!
  • Pitchers and Catchers report in just over a month. Looking for good things from the Cardinals this year.
  • White Fudge Covered Oreos. Oh my.
  • I am working hard to recruit Instrumentalists at MPCC. If you play, please consider joining us!
  • “When Vacations Attack” on The Travel Channel is my new favorite show. The things some people do…..Yikes.
  • The group Fee is new to me. We did their song, “Rise And Sing” this past weekend. Totally Awesome.
  • I blog about many things. It’s hilarious that after 2 years of blogging, my most popular blog is entitled, “What Happened To The Marathon Candy Bar?” I have gotten comments from all over the world on this blog. I guess I am not the only one who loves food.
  • I used to play the Trumpet.
  • I love this lyric from “Painting Pictures Of Egypt” by Sara Groves: “I was dying for some freedom but now I hesitate to go, caught between the promise and the things I know.”
  • Every Christmas, TBS airs “A Christmas Story” for 24 straight hours. Every single year. Yet, I cannot look away. Love that movie.
  • I am not loving the new Facebook layout.
  • I have 221 Followers on Twitter, not that it means anything. You can follow along by clicking here – my handle is @brianltabor

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