Worship Matters: GOT SKILLS? Instrumentalists

We are blessed at MPCC with a tremendously gifted and growing team in Worship & Arts. I am so grateful to be a part of this church and to get the chance to work with such gifted artists every weekend.

As our church continues to grow we are working to meet that growth in terms of building our team. As we continue to add a variety of worship venues to our weekend schedule we have to expand the number of people who are involved in leadership. Right now, we have a huge need for Instrumentalists. We need people who play all instruments: guitar, piano, drums, percussion, strings, brass, woodwinds…..All of them.

Do you play an instrument? Even if it has been a while, WE NEED YOU!

We use a wide variety of styles of music in our services and that means we need a wide variety of players to be involved. Typically our Core Instrumentalists (piano, guitar, drums, percussion, keyboard, etc…) once per month. Schedules are made at least 5 weeks in advance and music charts and mp3 files are made available through our online planning system at least 2 weeks in advance for personal rehearsal. We meet each Wednesday prior to the weekend you are scheduled, to rehearse from 6pm-7:30pm in the Worship Center.

For other instruments  (strings, woodwinds, brass, etc…) we are working on a monthly schedule as well. The same music distribution & rehearsal schedule mentioned above applies.

Each weekend, during the 10:45 service, there is a Video Venue service happening across the street in the Student Ministries Center. Most weekends, they worship by video with the band in the Worship Center for a simultaneous experience (with live singers). In the next few months, we hope to have a live band each weekend in the Video Venue service as well.

To accomplish all of this, we need people. We need you.

To get involved, we simply need to schedule an interview so that we can sit down and talk about our philosophy of ministry and play some music together. If all of that goes well we can get you included in the schedule soon. Email me at worship@mpccministry.com to schedule a time.

I really hope that you will prayerfully consider getting involved. This is such an exciting time to be a part of Worship at MPCC! As God continues to bless we believe that great things are in store!!

Take a moment and pray about getting involved. Seriously. Don’t push it off until you hear about this again….We need you!!

Rhythm Section - Aaron Kimble, Rick Staggs & Brian Rees

Brian Rees, Percussion

Herbie Manuputy, Guitar

MPCC String Section

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