Mission To Poland :: 5 Days….

It is so hard to believe that in just 5 days we are off to Poland. My emotions range from total excitement and anticipation to a little fear and anxiety. This will be my first overseas trip of any kind.

I am so proud of how our team has pulled together spiritually, musically and in community. I think we all anticipate God doing some incredible things on this trip.

We have one rehearsal left. Then, it’s time to go. This morning at MPCC, our church family surrounded us and prayed for our trip. It was a really powerful experience.

I am sincerely asking anyone who reads this to pray for us. We aren’t taking this opportunity lightly….we are asking God to prepare us for everything we will experience and to position our hearts & minds to serve the Polish people as we share The Gospel with them.

Thanks for reading and for praying. 5 days & counting…..

One Response to “Mission To Poland :: 5 Days….”
  1. Kathleen Hacker says:

    Okay……the Hackers will be praying! What a wonderful work He will do in and through all of you. You will be more blessed than you can imagine!

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