TM Concerts – 8.24.08

Hey Friends – we are down in area of my “genesis” (as Troy likes to put it) for 2 concerts (Tabor Ministries) tomorrow morning. There is just something special about coming home. My Mom & Dad are here and it just feels good to occasionally be under a roof where someone else is responsible, you know?

Tomorrow morning, we will be ministering in what has become my home church, Harvestime Temple in Mt. Vernon, IN. My older brother, Mark, is the Senior Pastor. It blows me away that my brother became their Senior Pastor in his twenties. That rocks my world….and he has been here for more than 25 years. He is a total stud and a real hero in the faith for me.

Tomorrow evening, we will be ministering at Good Shepherd Assembly of God in Evansville, IN. 

There is a chance that some of my friends from high school will be at these concerts. I am excited to see them and also excited that we will have the opportunity to share The Gospel with them. I thank you for your prayers in that regard.

Time with family, great food & someone else being in charge. That is really nice!

I’ll keep you posted…..

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