TM Concert Update

We had a great day on Sunday and are grateful for your prayers.

The morning concert was electric and you could really sense the presence of the Lord throughout the service. Harvestime is one of my favorite places to lead worship….the people come so hungry and ready to experience God. We actually had several people re-commit their lives to Christ in this service. We also had at least 1 person indicate that they prayed to receive Christ as their Savior for the very first time! We are so grateful for that!

Pastors Mark & Tonya Tabor

As I wrote on Saturday, my brother Mark and his wife Tonya are at the top of my list of hero’s in the faith. They have been a huge inspiration and encouragement to Kim and me. They are top-notch people and excellent pastors. They have both a heart for their people and for the lost. The Lord has used them to build a tremendous congregation in a smaller town and they are really making a difference in the community.

Kim and I have learned so much for Mark and Tonya over the years. Many things we have learned through conversations and times of prayer and spiritual renewal; but, others have been learned by simply watching them pursue the Lord with their whole hearts and lives. We love you guys and are so grateful for the investment that you have made in us! Thank you for the calls, emails, conversations and prayers that you have offered over the years. You guys rock!

We also had a great concert in the evening at Good Shepherd. I am so grateful for the way God is using our new devotional CD: “Finally Free: Stories of Hope & Inspiration.”  We used 2 of those stories yesterday: Sandra & Misty. Both of these stories moved people in such a tremendous way (as do all the ladies stories on the CD). We were able to hear so many people talk about how God used these powerful stories of healing and forgiveness to encourage them and remind them that God is truly in the details of our lives. I am so very thankful for that fact.

In all, it was a great weekend and we are grateful for the ways in which the Lord was at work. We are also grateful for your prayers! Thank you for that important support.

Now it’s time to go unpack and get some sleep so I can be ready for work tomorrow!

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