First Video Blog – 5.12.09

Here is my first video blog. Hope you enjoy it.

For the MPCC folks, remember the values! Also, please be on time this week, we have tons to do. You will be getting an MPCC Worship News email this afternoon.

For the non MPCC folks, thanks for continuing to read the blog. Heading into summer I will have a lot  more time to write and will work to get 3-4 posts up every week. 

You guys rock!!!! Brian

6 Responses to “First Video Blog – 5.12.09”
  1. Shawn Jones says:

    Great job Brian! Good tool for a teaching. I know I am not part of your worship team (or church), but enjoyed it anyway…

  2. briantabor says:

    Thanks Shawn – it was fun to do!

  3. Bob Tabor says:

    Great job! I like it! How do you do it?


  4. briantabor says:

    Hey Bob –

    I just recorded it right on my computer (MacBook Pro) and converted it to Quicktime and uploaded it. I was shocked by how easy it was.


  5. Shawn Jones says:

    Next time add a little mood lighting and turn off the fluorescent… Or use one of the backdrops.

  6. Gayle Wiese says:

    Loved it Brian! I am going to have to try this out myself! What a great way to connect and provide a teaching moment. It was like having a conversation with you. Good to hear your voice!

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