“Grace Has Called My Name”

As I have written before, it really is a very exciting time to be involved in worship ministry. God has gifted some amazingly creative people who are giving us incredible songs to sing. The songs can encourage, challenge, excite and cause reflection, among many other things.

I am really enjoying the writing of Kathryn Scott right now. You would know her as the author or co-author of some amazing songs like “At The Foot Of The Cross”, “I Belong” and “You Gave Your Life Away.” You can check out Kathryn’s blog, “Hungry,” here

I have been totally captivated this week by her song “Grace Has Called My Name.” It speaks so much to the gratitude that I feel in my heart when I think about God’s amazing grace to me. God’s grace is a yearning grace that really tells the story of God’s love for us and His desire to reconcile us to Himself. Check out these lyrics to “Grace Has Called My Name” by Kathryn Scott:

Peace as elusive as a shadow dancing on the wall
life swallowed by the pain of yesterday;
Left broken by the shame of things that I had done,
No freedom from the choices that I’d made;

But with one touch You made me clean;
You met me in my deepest need. 

Grace has called my name,
when all that I had left were just filthy stains;
Grace has called my name;
when hope had all but faded far away,
Grace called my name.

Wounded by words that left their mark upon my soul,
dreams overturned by empty promises;
Well intentioned things I’d heard a million times before
just left my heart to grieve alone again;

But with one touch You set me free;
You met me in my deepest need.

I will never….ever….understand it but I am so grateful that I can never….ever….exhaust it. Thank you Father. 

Here is Kathryn singing “Grace Has Called My Name.” Rest in it.

3 Responses to ““Grace Has Called My Name””
  1. sandy says:

    i just heard the song on pandora for the first time and when i googled the lyrics your blog was one of the options, great song! thankful for God’s amazing grace! Ephesians 1!

  2. varundbest says:

    Cool! I just came to your blog via Google and I seriously loved it! The effort you do in posting here is seriously fantastic and I am pleased about it. Keep going buddy.

  3. Mandy says:

    I just heard the song on Pandora and Googled it, and it brought me here. Thanks for posting!

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