Worship Matters – The Resource List: CD’s

Here’s a follow-up on my The Resource List from earlier this week. I have written many times that it is a very exciting time to be in worship ministry. We are being flooded with incredible worship songs right now and I am grateful for the artists who are giving these precious gifts to the Church. I would love to hear from you in the comment section. 

Here are some of my recent favorite Worship Recordings:

cd_our_god_saves_sq“Our God Saves”Paul Baloche – I have always been a fan but seeing him live at the National Worship Leader Conference these last 2 years cemented my respect. Paul has given the Church some amazing songs (“Above All”, “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”, “Your Name”, “Hosanna” and many others) and that certainly continues on this CD. The title track is a song I have used in a wide variety of settings and it always lands with the congregation because it is a true declaration that we can all unite together and sing. He also gives us some additional new treasures like “You Gave Your Life Away” and his collaboration with Matt Redman, “I Cling To The Cross.” Paul’s music crosses lines of denominational affiliation and age. They are awesome. Love this album!

5129PslxneL._SL500_AA240_“I Have A Hope”Tommy Walker – Here is another album that is filled with great worship songs. TW is another guy that I have saw live for the first time recently. I have the utmost respect for him, his leadership, his songwriting and his commitment to the Church. The title song from this album is another that I have seen land in many different settings. TW is a guy who also tackles issues that many other songwriters don’t tackle. He has given us some great songs during his career (“He Knows My Name”, “That’s Why We Praise Him”, “We Will Remember”, “Break Through” and many others). His lyrics feed my soul and draw me closer to the Lord in worship. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of this great CD!

cdmattmaher_emptybeautiful“Empty & Beautiful”Matt Maher – Many will know Matt as the writer of the song “Your Grace Is Enough.” He has also written some other amazing songs, including: “On The Third Day”, “Resurrection Day” and “As It Is In Heaven.” Matt is electric in the live setting. I have also had the chance to see him in smaller settings where he really shares his heart and the idea’s behind some of his amazing lyrics. He is an incredible writer. Great CD.


61rtP4s2XUL._SL500_AA240_“All Of The Above”Hillsong United – This recording will give you an amazing worship experience. Introduced to me by a member of my team – let’s just call this person “Nugget” – I have really grown to love this CD. A couple of the highlights for me are songs that we have either ended up using in our services at Mt. Pleasant or will be using in the near future. “Lead Me To The Cross” is a great reminder to all of us of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. “Hosanna” is a great congregational anthem.


61eQnHeYkiL._SL500_AA240_“Hello Love”Chris Tomlin – How can you honestly write about worship music and leave out the hit machine that is Chris Tomlin. This guy is “en fuego” when it comes to writing worship songs. This latest offering gives us everything from absolute jam sessions to intimate ballads of worship and everything in between. This is a must own for every worshipper.


wakeuptheworld-lg“Wake Up The World”Gateway Worship – I have really grown to love the songs coming out of this amazing church in Texas. We have used many songs from one of their previous releases “Living For You” (“You, You Are God”, “Revelation Song” and “The More I Seek You”) and we are really starting to dig in to “Wake Up…”


I am very quickly writing a much longer blog than I had planned but I love so much of what is out there! Here are some brief descriptions of others that I am really enjoying:

1. “The Power Of One”Israel Houghton – an absolute blast to listen to!

2. “I Belong”Kathryn Scott – this lady is an incredible songwriter!

3. “My Savior Lives”New Life Church – incredible album with many songs that we have used in worship

4. “Today Is The Day”Lincoln Brewster – an incredible guitar player, LB is a great worship leader & songwriter

5. “Everlasting God”Brenton Brown – another amazing songwriter

6. Vicky Beeching – a great writer and I would recommend all of her recordings

Obviously I could go on for days but I will stop here. Please take a moment to give me some of your favorites will you? I would love to hear from you. 

Be Blessed!

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