Guilty Pleasures: Television Shows

Tabors-039_1_2I got some amazing responses to last weeks Guilty Pleasures blog about musical tastes. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

This week I would like to ask for some honesty about what your favorite Guilty Pleasures are in terms of television watching. As a reminder, Wikipedia defines a guilty pleasure this way: “A guilty pleasure is something one considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.[1] Often, the “guilt” involved is simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, rather than actual moral guilt. Fashion, music,[2] and food can be examples of guilty pleasures.[3]

So that is what I’m after. What do you watch on television that would be defined as a “guilty pleasure”? 

Please respond by going to the Comment section and airing your laundry!

Ground Rules
1. This is a safe place so you can feel completely free to be honest. The more honest you are the better this will work.
2. No cracking on other peoples comments, just keep your eyes on your own back yard.

In the tradition of full disclosure, here are 4 of mine:
1. Desperate Housewives (ABC)
2. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Food Network)
3. Gene Simmons Family Jewels (A&E)
4. Paranormal State (A&E)

There you have it! You could easily find me most any late night, down in our basement watching any one of these shows. So, let’s hear yours in the Comments section.

13 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures: Television Shows”
  1. Tim says:

    OK.I will tell you my favorites, and then why I feel guilty for watching. Big Bang Theory. The mere name of the show implies a premise for the beginning of the universe that I do not subscribe to. 24. This show makes me feel guilty, because I believe the tactics of Tony Almeida are more honorable than Jack Bauer. Think about it. Jack serves at the discretion and command and control of the President. (that alone should scare the crap out of every American) Tony, while considered a “rogue” agent gone bad, executed a low cost (3 people) low key covert operation that had a single purpose of cutting off the head of the organization that Jack tried so unsuccessfully to eradicate. Same innocent body count, but with a clearly defined, obtainable objective. Nevermind the motivation. The end would have been more desirable than what occurred while Jack got everybody blown up and killed. OK, enough of 24. Two and a Half Men. I am guilty, because the humor is off color and twisted. The problem? It’s danged funny. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but I will say that almost all of it makes me feel a little guilty, because it is time spent that I can never recover and use in other pursuits, such as home improvement, marriage maintenance, tossing the ball with my son, etc. I honestly believe that with very few exceptions, about every person’s life would be better off if there were no TV in the house. Seriously. Can you remember a time from childhood where any great memory came about as a result of the entire family sitting down to watch TV? I bet you can almost immediately recall a good, positive memory from playing a board game with every one. Now turn off the set and go play with your kids! You will never look back at the end of your life and regret it or feel “guilty” about it!

  2. Mary Houser says:

    Brian, your little tests are becoming addictive.
    Ok, here goes, after the first bachelor/bachelorette show I swore off and vowed to never watch another but unfortunately have never missed a one. I hate to admit that, there is just something about watching someone make a fool of themselves and actually think that they can find love under those circumstances and in 6 weeks, that is amazing to me. But I continue to root for the underdog, the less handsome, the quietest, etc. I always hate the end and vow to not watch again….. so much for that.
    I also watch TruTv. The unsolved murders, the ones where someone comes into your house in the middle of the night. I watch these in the middle of the night when I wake up and cannot sleep. How weird is that. I am sure that is not why God woke me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I think He wants me to check my door to make sure I locked it. But then I go back to the show.
    Ok there it is my darkest, guilty secret revealed.

  3. 1. “Nip/Tuck” (FX)
    2. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” (FX)
    3. “Hell’s Kitchen” (FOX)

    Once again, I feel so ashamed…

  4. Marci says:

    I have to say that I am a huge reality tv buff. I for one love Hells Kitchen. I also love Dancing With the Stars. I do so enjoy the Bachelor//Bachelorette.

  5. Shari Turpen says:

    1. Grey’s Anatomy
    2. Two and a Half Men

  6. Randy Morris says:

    I have to agree with Tim. Any or all TV that I watch makes me feel somewhat guilty. There are so many good books that I have yet to read.

    Two and a Half Men
    College Basketball
    Nascar and IRL

  7. Jerome Carey says:

    1. Big Bang Theory (CBS)
    2. Two and a Half Men (CBS)
    3. How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
    4. One Tree Hill (CW)
    5. Will and Grace (reruns) (CW)

  8. Rachelle and Whitney says:

    We have a few favorites that we watch as a family now that Whitney is older.

    1. The Mentalist
    2. American Idol
    3. Lie to Me
    4. Wipeout (Brock wants us to put this.)
    5. ALL SPORTS (Jeff)

  9. Linda Oldham says:

    Hmmmm, if one is a pop culture queen, is it even possible to feel guilt about watching anything offered on mainstream tv??(I’m just saying… 🙂
    I will confess to Two and a Half Men

  10. Linda Oldham says:

    (Woops, late night typing error)
    Also on the list is The Big Bang Theory (only a modicum of guilt there. It’s just a funny show); America’s Got Talent; virtually any Food Network challenge show; Clean House
    There. I feel so much better for getting that off my chest:-) You know, Brian, some people actually charge for this kind of therapy.

  11. Ooo…confession time. Love it.

    Deadliest Catch – Hubby cannot believe I love this show.
    Tori & Dean – I have no clue why but I’m addicted.
    ABC Soap Operas – I try to give them up but they suck me in.

  12. Lisa Bruno says:

    Okay…here are my guilty pleasures

    1. Greek (ABC Family)
    2. CSI any of them
    3. America’s got talent
    4. American Idol
    5. Happy Days

  13. holly terei says:

    COPS!!! i love it!!!

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