My Thoughts: My Bucket List

I recently had a birthday. Not a monumental birthday but a birthday non-the-less and as you know, with each passing year, the numbers get larger. So, with this turn of the calendar I am spending time taking stock of things and it occurred to me that there are a few things I really want to accomplish in my life. This list will surprise some people. I wish I could see Kim’s face as she reads it actually!

This list will adapt as the years go by but here it is today. I give you my Bucket List, in no particular order.

  • Be a part of meeting needs in another country on a regular basis (spiritual & physical)
  • Sing the national anthem at a professional sports event
  • See the Word of God become more a part of my thought life – as natural as breathing
  • Take batting practice in a major league baseball park – preferably St. Louis
  • See Europe with Kim
  • Be faithful to my call to ministry
  • Own a restaurant – this has been a dream since I was a kid
  • Be known by those close to me as a great friend & family member
  • Have a marriage that doesn’t just survive – but thrives – for the rest of our lives
  • Climb a mountain – this will surprise some folks; I’m not talking “Cliffhanger” stuff, just hiking up a mountain (and not a hill either – an actual mountain)
  • Hike through the Grand Canyon
  • Realize the dream of Tabor Ministries doing crusade type tours of foreign countries to share The Gospel
  • Go on a camping trip – like real camping in the outdoors
  • See all the national parks
  • Pour myself into younger worship leaders – help them see it’s more than just stringing together 3 of your favorite songs
  • Witness genuine transformation in someone’s life
  • See Australia with Kim
  • Walk the beach on every continent
  • Go ice fishing
  • Go deep sea fishing for large fish
  • Conquer my fear of swimming in the ocean
  • Make excellent BBQ of all kinds
  • Be involved in helping to solve the homeless problem in America
  • Catch a pass from an NFL quarterback
  • See the Middle East
  • Physically build some kind of structure with my bare hands
  • Be known as a lover of God and a lover of people
  • Play in a rock band
  • Live long enough and full enough to check all these off and keep adding to my list!
4 Responses to “My Thoughts: My Bucket List”
  1. Kim Tabor says:

    Wow! Some of these did surprise me! I never knew you wanted to sing the National Anthem at a professional sports event. Mountain climbing and ice fishing also surprised me. It’s true, you learn something new everyday even about the ones you love! What about the Eagles? Let’s make this stuff happen!

  2. Dennie Mitchel says:

    I’m sure I could help make Ice fishing happen. I don’t actually do it myself (I’m not crazy) but my dad is always looking for other maniacs to go with him. Should I give him your number?

  3. Bruce Cleek says:

    So, Kim doesn’t get to make the trip to the Middle East?

  4. Brian – Get that passport ready because with a list like this God may call you at a moment’s notice!
    Hey, have you read: “Same Kind of Different as Me” by Ron Hall/Denver Moore? Great book on reaching the homeless!

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