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We are kicking into high gear in preparation for ENGAGE: The Worship Experience – coming to MPCC September 16-17. It is going to be awesome! Engage is a conference designed for every single person who leaves a fingerprint on your weekend service: staff pastors, worship leaders, music directors, volunteers, vocalists, instrumentalists, sound & light people, projectionists, video people, etc….. There will be something for everyone. It’s a place where you can get encouraged and inspired and also learn some practical things that you can implement immediately in your church or ministry back home.

We are thrilled that ENGAGE will launch with a special night of worship with Travis Cottrell. Most know Travis from his work with Beth Moore through arena events around the country. Travis is also a gifted vocalist, songwriter and worship leader. He is also a worship pastor in his local congregation. Who better to come and encourage us? A ticket to this concert is included in the registration for ENGAGE. For those just wanting to come to the concert, those tickets are on sale HERE for $15.

Our Senior Pastor, Chris Philbeck, is also offering a Leadership Luncheon for Senior Pastors and church leaders. Price for this luncheon is $15. You can register on the Engage web site. Senior Pastors face some unique challenges in today’s culture. Chris will take this time to talk through his strategies of leadership and planning creative worship.

We will have some great corporate times of worship and teaching at the conference. We will also have some tremendous breakout sessions. Here are just a few:

  • Music Theory :: Dr. Brenda Clark :: Dr. Clark is the director of music education at the University of Indianapolis.
  • Guitars In Worship :: Terry Hayes :: Terry has been playing in the church, studios and bands for years. His session will be for both acoustic & electric. Bring your guitars!
  • Vocal Techniques :: Dr. Kathleen Hacker :: Dr. Hacker is the chair of the music department and director of vocal studies at the University of Indianapolis.
  • Heart Preparation :: Kim & Brian Tabor :: One of our passions is preparation and in this session, Kim and I will offer some thoughts and insight into preparing the heart for worship.
  • Hands On Programming :: Lighting, Projection and Video Techniques.
  • Drums In Worship :: Paul Surowiak :: After a degree in music from Indiana University, Paul has spent the last several years playing in churches and bands, including Willow Creek Community Church and Mount Pleasant Christian Church.
  • Video & Stage Elements In Worship :: Joey Santos :: Joey leads this team at MPCC and provides excellent and creative leadership.
  • Worship Expression :: Phill Powell :: With more than 10 years of professional staff worship leading under his belt, Phill is a key player on the team at MPCC. This will be a tremendous session for vocal team members and soloists who are striving to be more expressive in worship.
  • Sound Techniques :: Sweeter :: One of the leading audio companies in the midwest, the guys from Sweetwater understand the church and our unique needs regarding audio.
  • Rhythm Section :: Terry Hayes & Paul Surowiak :: How do you make the transition from the practice room to playing as a group? Terry & Paul will explain.

Those are just a few of the sessions ENGAGE will offer. The early bird rate ($69.99/person) includes the conference, Travis Cottrell concert and lunch on Saturday. For groups of 6 or more we are offering tremendous discounts.

I really hope you will come and bring your team with you. It’s going to be an outstanding way to experience an inspiring time as a team. Join us in September for ENGAGE.

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  1. cheri says:

    This conference looks AWESOME!!!

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