Man Of Sorrows – Whom The Son Sets Free Is Free Indeed – Celebrating God’s Grace

It takes such incredible courage to share your story. Allowing even one person – a close friend or your spouse – to hear your story can be so intimidating. Sharing your story in front of thousands? Oh my…

This past Easter at MPCC we wanted to open our services in a very special way by having 2 people share their personal stories as a way of highlighting the incredible grace of Jesus. Greg & Stefanie agreed and the following video is how it came together. We packaged their stories with the song, “Man Of Sorrows” (from “Glorious Ruins” by Hillsong Live).

KT_Stef_Easter2014If you are connected to Kim and me on social media, you have heard us talk about a new ministry that God called Tabor Ministries to launch called: Stripped Free. This ministry was birthed out of Stefanie’s Story which is an incredible story of redemption…actually, it’s a jaw-dropping story that will make you stand and applaud a God who loves and pursues us in spite of our choices. This Is Amazing Grace!

If you are curious about Stripped Free, click HERE to read what it is all about. You can also follow Stripped Free on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.

Easter was really, really special as we had the chance to hear from 2 amazing and courageous trophies of God’s grace. It was so moving. And, on Saturday night, we had a dancer in attendance. She was so moved that she gave her heart to Christ and walked away from her former life in Jesus Name!! Read her story HERE. PRAISE THE LORD!!

Here’s the video.

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