Worship Matters – 6.22.08

We had a great day of worship yesterday. Normally I would expect a Sunday near the end of June to be a little more relaxed and low key….people are starting vacations, etc… Well, yesterday wasn’t low key at all around here. It was a powerful experience and the team was really playing, singing & leading well.

We used a song that our congregation has learned over the last year called, “This Is Our God.” There are a couple of songs by that title but this one is not very well known. For reasons that escape me people aren’t aware of it. Of all the new stuff I have been teaching our church, this one has such an amazingly special place in my heart. It doesn’t seem to be your typical worship song. The writers (David Moffitt, Sue C. Smith & Travis Cottrell) intentionally used unusual words in the lyrics….words that our congregations don’t get a chance to sing very often. Combined with the message of the song it is making for an incredible worship moment for our congregation. 

We live in a cynical world. With all that is going on around us, this is purely a love song written to Jesus. I love these lyrics:

“Who is this One who will not condemn us? Why would HE come to shoulder our sentence? Nothing we’ve done will keep HIM from giving us grace. Who is this One? We watch and we’re speechless. God’s only Son embracing our weakness. He overcomes all death and He frees us to live.

This is our God, suffering and dying. Call Him the Hero redeeming the lost. This is our God, love sacrificing, all that is holy accepting our cross. Hallelujah! This is our God! Hallelujah! This is our God! Hallelujah! This is our God. Sing praise”

The second verse speaks of God “…loving and reaching, scandalous mercy and mighty to save.” What a great word picture…scandalous mercy. I love that image….mercy that goes so against the grain that it just doesn’t make sense. That’s how God loves us!

I hope that as I make my way through this day I can reflect this kind of love to the people I interact with. I hope that I can show them this kind of passion for people. I pray that HE might use me to impact them through the way that I pursue HIM in all that I do.

2 Responses to “Worship Matters – 6.22.08”
  1. Troy Hochstetler says:

    BT – I blogged about the same thing. Great work yesterday!

    This Is Our God

  2. Gary Heller says:

    The weekend was awesome…starting with the AU Camp Meeting. When I think about their theme, “Celebrating the Gentle Strength of Unity” and the Pastor Doug’s Sunday message about reconciliation, we were not only fed well, we seemed to be right where God was working. It was good to join Him there and inspire worship through music!


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