Something To Shoot For

I really value our team. We have come so far together over these last couple of years. I am grateful that they have embraced this new vision for worship at FCN. It has required some different things of them and they have jumped in with both feet. I am seeing them grow as artists and it blesses my heart. I am grateful for them and proud to serve with them. Plus, they rock!!!!!

I am always trying to give our team recordings of those teams that are a few steps further down the path than we are. It has been really helpful and productive so far. It gives us something to shoot for and to be challenged by. I really believe it’s important to always measure yourself against someone who is further along than you are. Kim always says, “If you want to be a faster runner, then spend time running with someone who is faster than you. In my arena, it’s important for me to sing with those people who are further along than I am. It challenges and inspires me to work harder and reach further with my craft.”

I think that as a worship team we need to do the same thing. Right around the corner from us is a great church with a tremendous worship team. Calvary Temple is an Assembly of God church with a tremendous team and worship leader, my friend Pastor Vernon Piercey.

Every time I have the chance to worship at Calvary I am simply amazed by their passion and sound. They do an amazing job of ushering people into the presence of God and at the same time they offer an excellent gift to the Lord. It encourages me, it refreshes me and it challenges me as a worship leader.

If you are a member of the team and are reading this, my hope is that we will never stop learning, growing and reaching for more. We have only scratched the surface of what God can do here and I hope that we continue to become better artists and leaders.

I really admire that Calvary’s team is made up of volunteers, as is ours. I think that there is something especially rewarding to seeing God do something incredible in and through the same group of people who regularly serve together. 

Here is the audio of the Calvary team leading “You Are Good.” I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that it also encourages and challenges each of you! Be Blessed!

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