Worship Matters – 7.13.08

This past Sunday we used a song that has quickly become one of my favorites. “Alive Forever Amen” is an awesome anthem of worship. It took a few times for our congregation to catch it….especially the bridge section, which has a lot of words. But I will say that at this point this song has become a part of the life of our church. I love the energy that it brings. I also love that as we sing it, we really take on an attitude of defiance toward the enemy. I love that….a song of declaration that Jesus is alive and that He has set us free!

God’s desire to set us free is something that Kim and I talk about quite a lot in our traveling ministry (Tabor Ministries) and songs like this remind me of what an important message this is. Pastor Troy spoke this weekend on God’s desire to set us free and it was an awesome reminder to us!

These lyrics from “Alive Forever Amen” really tell the story of why it is such a powerful song of declaration:

(verse 1) “Let the children sing a song of liberation; the God of our salvation set us free; death where is thy sting the curse of sin is broken, the empty tomb stands open come and see.”

(verse 2) “Let my heart sing out for Christ, the One and only, so powerful and holy rescued me. Death won’t hurt me now because He has redeemed me. No grave will ever keep me from my King!

I’m alive, alive, alive Hallelujah! Alive, praise and glory to the Lamb. Alive, alive, alive Hallelujah! Alive, forever amen!”

That is just awesome! I’m going to post audio from this past weekend here. First you will hear us doing “That’s Why We Praise Him” which will then move into “Alive Forever Amen.” Enjoy!


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