Food & Fun – 7.16.08

You can spend less than 5 minutes reading my blog and understand that Kim and I love to eat. We really enjoy trying new places and making sure that all our friends know about the good ones we’ve found. There are lots of places out there and some of them are not that enjoyable. So, when we find a good one we work to pass it on to everybody. 

On the northside of Indy, we are blessed with some great restaurants. One of my newer favorites for a quick meal is 96th Street Steakburgers. If you haven’t tried this place, wow. Get ready to enjoy a great burger! It’s a casual place to enjoy a good meal. If you are looking for chicken or pizza try someplace else. All they serve is burgers, fries and shakes. The burgers are cooked to order and boy can you tell the difference. Everything is always fresh! 

In addition to the standard singles & doubles, they also offer some unique styles of burgers. For the carb-conscious, you can get your burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Mustard style involves grilling your bun in mustard. Monster style adds grilled onions to the mustard bun.

The fries are great and plentiful as well. And, did I mention the shakes? You have got to try one. They were voted the best in Indy.

One of these days I’ll get around to posting something healthy. For now, just enjoy the ride and trust me that these burgers are something you will enjoy!

3 Responses to “Food & Fun – 7.16.08”
  1. Who cooks at your house?

  2. Dana Johnson says:

    The last time we were there, we ran into You and Kim.The company was great, the food was good, but I don’t think we have been back since. Maybe we should go again.

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